I Grill up Blue Corn Steak Tacos in Texas | Gordon Ramsay

Publisert 29. aug.. 2021
Gordon's in Texas and whipping up a mouth-watering steak taco. With local handmade Texas Blue Corn Tortillas and a Salsa made with local Nopales, Gordon's giving Aaron Sanchez a run for his money!

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  • With all do respect gordon doesnt know shit about tacos.

  • Be vegan from now on Edit: this is a joke, lol

  • A touch for Gordon is extra extra for me lol

  • Listen, we don’t want the cilantro tho. Just like you would at your kitchen nightmare sets, I’m blowing that shit off my plate my guy lol. Otherwise definitely looks nice

  • Somebody sign me up for a piece of leathery asparagus!

  • As a Mexican watching this. Ramsay has obviously never left tortillas on the heat for too long. Can't believe he didn't just make soft tacos with those nice tortillas. I give his pronunciation of tortilla a 9/10 though.

  • This is how you cook when you are a pretentious tool

  • I wish that vegan teacher was in the taco

  • 600 calorie meal . 2500 calories in oil nice

  • Stunning indeed wow

  • Give chef rick bayless over gordon

  • I was skeptical about the cactus but by the end everything else looked so fucking good I forgot about it

  • Introducing, Mr. Gordon “sweating like a rabbit stuffed down a hole with a rattle snake” Ramsey.

  • We never put olive oil in pico de gallo in Texas. I’m sure it’s not bad. It’s just not what we do.

  • Thats the amount of olive oil i use for a f..ing month.....and i only use olive oil 😂 Two tacos.... 1000 calories👍🏼😂

  • Hi Gordon. The "pico de gallo" is typical of Mexico, the blue tortilla is typical of Mexico, the roasted nopal is typical of Mexico ... The taco is typical of Mexico. Very good preparation.

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  • Dayummmm he called Aarón Sánchez his son 👀🤭

  • pico is with white onion, the color of the Mexican flag

  • He cracks me up sometimes, now we need the HEAT from “cilantro” hahaha what??

    • He meant soap taste not heat

  • tortillas looks like insoles tbh

  • 6:43 i heard a gordon voice crack

  • Tough and leathery is not how I want any of my food

  • Seriously though, next time your in Texas, you should really head across the border to Rollins Oklahoma and do a show with Kent Rollins. His channel is Cowboy Kent Rollins. He doesn't, nor has her ever claimed to be a chef, but the Cowboy ranch hand cook is such an amazing cook that Food Network reached out and he's now been on Chopped "Twice", and even gone up again Bobby Flay.

  • Gordon's Wife: Hey babe, I'm sorry but we are out of lube tonight. Ol G-Ram: Olive Oil, In.

  • "Touch of olive oil" you can see the fucking oil pooling at the bottom, unbelievable.

  • love the proper accents my guy! COME TO SANTA FE NEW MEXICO!

  • he makes art

  • Are you proud of nick

  • LIKE & SUB .great adventure thanks ;-) in my ears you and james corden talk alike (dialect or ) specially around 01:04

  • Gordon Ramsay just be vegan

  • Gordon for a shy over one million euros per year NOwine revenue income you could at least give us a little more up to date content. I'm pretty sure the people want to see a little more Gordon. I'm pretty sure you don't read these posts and sure why would you? but if you do that's what the people would like and it would do you great Justice, perhaps NOwine revenue could be 2 million?????

  • Is love your cooking but I will never follow it is I have watched almost everything I can but I don't want to follow you is I need to follow my own and I haven't watched this and I will and I love your cooking like damn it's good but I need to figure something else else I believe you are the best chef in the world but I want to surprise that's all like I'm only 20 but I think I can and this video is kinda old but I want you to be surprised by me cooking that's it like I'm not even a cook but when I can can I cook on my own using you and don't care about me but I look up yo I try to I'm slow but I'm not that slow but I haven't been good at school and I don't want to didint want to do cooking got you like I look up to you so much I try to do everything but with a twist just a little like I want to surprise you like I fucking worked at Wendy's and we'll there not good enough like I am not smart but I can promise I can make good food but if you don't it's fine like you are they best and that's it but I want you to teach me even how much you yell at me I want you to be the one is I want you I don't think you will respond to this but really I do look up to this especially to hamburgers and tacos and nachos I can't really spell right but I want you to teach me every and everything no matter how much it hurts me

  • Beautiful!

  • And here's me watching this while eating hummus on a cracker. *sob sob.

  • I’m not going to complain about them bc they look delicious, but i will provide you constructive criticism, that’s not a taco. You only need the cilantro and a “WHITE” onion, carne asada, tortilla de maiz, and youre good, and salsa , anything else is entirely unnecessary or American

  • If you’re using a taco mold, its not a taco.

  • Olive oil has entered the chat

  • Any one who has tasted Gordon Ramsay's cooking must be the luckiest guy

  • Sheeeshh Ramsey you want some tacos with that OLIVE OIL???

  • NOOOOO MIJO!!!!!!! 😩😩😩😩😩😒😒😒😒😒 I don’t remember my tio saying “mijo bring me the olive oil” lol

  • Where in Texas was Gordon at?

  • I don’t think Arrón Sánchez would approve of Gordon putting RAW garlic into a pico de gallo along with a metric fuck ton of olive oil. I don’t want to eat raw garlic...I’ve seen Joe Bastianich loose his shit over a MC contestant serving the judges raw garlic and tossing their plate in the trash...and I’ve lived in Texas for over a decade and have never eaten a pico de gallo with raw garlic lol. Sorry Gordon. As Joe Bastianich would say: “I watch you cook and I get so disappointed by what I’m seeing. I expect more at this level. Thanks for nothing.” 😂

  • Raw garlic in a pico de gallo?? But it’s RRRAWWWAAWW!!

  • buen intento pero los tacos de México muy muy ricos mis respetos aun asi para este chef que se atreve

  • Gordon, my fiance and I were talking about steak and I told him they drain the blood from the cow and when the steak is cooked rare or medium rare its actually the juice from the muscle and not blood. He doesn't think that's right and wants to know from you or a professional chef. Could you please tell me if I'm wrong or right.

  • like a rabbit down a hole with a ratttle snake BAHA

  • Hey you guys know where the lamb sauce is?

  • Gordon is just on another level. Watching him working is surreal. The recipes he comes up with on the fly are so complex its crazy. Experienced chefs, Including myself, watch him and are baffled

  • That scores a zero point zero. You destroyed tacos for every Texan. The only thing worse is your frito pie. Come on man, you're a world class cook.

  • Him: put a touch of olive Him also:puts almost half of the olive oil

  • Guys there is a vid that really discussing he put crickets on his food omg I just left and got to this vid

  • I love you💖

  • Proud to have ya here in Texas, sir! Loved the video, absolutely incredible!

  • That is a beautiful taco but NOT a Texas taco I’m sorry

  • One problem, you didn't salt the Avacado.

  • Nobody: Gordon: mOrE oLiVe OiL

  • I appreciate your pronunciation.

  • I like you and l Learn because you inspire me in the kitchen thanks

  • Notienes education oh what you can show them without being so rude

  • Why you so rude with the cooks🤮

  • His Spanish pronunciation is making me cringe, because I'm THAT douche.

  • I hate the vegan teacher who agrees

  • He had to swear. Had to.

  • michelin stars+michelin tyre looking face...grate combo

  • well. i like u but ur a fuck for going easily out of country in these times. that food is amazing.... wheres my share ? Xd

  • “Spoils the THOTHIA”😂

  • And we don't use Roma tomatoes in our Mexican food!

  • I know you're British, but please learn how to pronounce 'taco'!!!

  • Did he call that a stove? Lol

  • Gordon...how often do you go to Mexico? And btw...we don't eat that here in Texas. Lol. Still love you though. #lifetimetexasresident

  • Also going to Texas for Mexican food advice LOLOLOL.

  • Olive oil in Pico? WTAF nooo

  • Man he is the best chef i seen so far

  • *Drinking Game* *Every Time He Says Beautiful Take a Shot*

  • Where about in Texas, Ramsay?

    • I’m guessing Houston area because of TATEMÓ…?

  • That is not a proper taco, or a proper Pico de Gallo. I wouldn't touch that taco with a ten foot pole. Gordon please stay away from Mexican cuisine.

  • Hi gordon, I heard an online site news from dualshockers mention you have joins the genshin impact comunitty with a character call baal, meme. Is it true?

  • I just found this channel by accident. Chef Ramsey has been my idol for years.

  • nowine.info/loft/hpexa7HZjauHZWk/video

  • But

  • Dude Gordon!!!! I know you want it rustic but ya think you can take the stem spot of the tomatoes 🍅!!!!

  • But...Gordon....tacos don't go in a mold! D:

  • La cárnita asada

  • Hey DONUT! when others make awesome food u will say no no no when u make we will be like ewwww no no no

  • Gordon, I am 45 and suffer with dysphagia. I am struggling for ideas to purreed recipes. Can you help me?

  • watch flyingkitty next vid

  • Vegan is better

  • Save them

  • nowine.info/loft/hpexa7HZjauHZWk/video

  • I don't like you @Gordon Ramsay

  • U should visit NAGALAND Land of festival

  • Try making vietnamese food

  • Pretentious food... give me a street taco over this mess any day!

  • Gordon thinks he's Rick Bayless all of a sudden lol

  • Olive oil doesn’t belong in tacos. Ever.

  • nowine.info/loft/npyDj32-qsynnYo/video I swear ON MY LIFE its not a rickroll, its actually something for Gordon.

  • 7:53 that zoom clap was legendary

  • when with sidemen

  • Mans just said “that pico is gonna go crazy now.” Fuckin too much time in the states 🤣