Gordon Ramsay Makes a Reindeer Burger!? | Ramsay Around the World

Publisert 5. sep.. 2021
Yes you read that correct, this week Gordon is cooking up Reindeer in Burger form from Finland. But rain or wind will stop him from elevating a Nordic Classic. Local cheese and mushrooms elevate this burger to new heights!

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  • I would like to see anyone try to put that in their mouth.

  • I would love to "Finnish" that burger for him! Yes please!

  • what he said in 2:49。 turn the tame ?what that mean?

  • Hmmm, that knife needs sharpening.

  • *What!? Reindeer meat?* *I'm gonna have to give you an X Gordon Ramsay.* - That Vegan Teacher

  • Lord, is it Gao-Dah, or Goo-Dah …

  • Bro...wash your hands after handling raw meat...

  • Shame about him adding the mayo and the mustard at the end. Ruins what would probably be an otherwise really tasty burger.

  • how am I supposed to eat that? dislocate my jaw? like a snake? 😅

  • your the best chef youtuber

  • Gordon just be doing shit, but I'm here for it.

  • Hi Gordon ramsay I love your food they look so good and I love your shows and I subscribe for you

  • OM God he cooked Rudolph. Is he at least seasoned properly?

  • Gordon, I know how to get the pan hot but how do I get it nice?

  • doesn't look like regular gouda cheese (Those brown edges...)... is it a smoked variant?


  • How in the world does Gordon makes every ordinary dish look like fancy restaurant plates is just beyond me

  • 5:08 Gordon… That knife is dull AF.

  • Thank you so much I'm I'm from Sudan and Saudi Arabia

  • That looks awesome. I’m definitely trying that with white tail this season. I hunt occasionally and have never really been a big fan of deer meat. I usually give it away to people but thanks to our wonderful president sleepy Joe and ridiculous grocery prices I’m going to have to shoot a couple deer this year and load the freezer up. I’m trying this recipe first.

  • Is version the same as reindeer

  • All the other deer used to pick on Rudolf USED TO

  • nobody noticed his knife was dull huh?

  • Reindeer is expensive and it is definitely NOT a staple food in Finland, .... Ramsey, you F*ucking idiot. Its not on many restaurants menu's in Helsinki, let alone Rovaniemi!!

  • gow duh or goo duh i duh

  • That meat is definetely overcooked because it took ages for the Gouda cheese to melt, but still the burger and mushrooms look delicious.

  • 🎅🏻

  • I've seen him talk shit on sandwiches that big. Hypocrit

  • Chef Ramsay, are you allergic to anything?

  • that knife struggled a bit to cut that tomato lmao

  • scandinavian chantarelle top tier

  • ... at what point of adding an oil does it go from saute to pan fry or deep fry? Cuz... i'm just saying....

  • I watched the whole video only for you NOT to take a bite :D

  • This was awesome! We are in debate for our etmology: either Finnish or Swedish. Will be making this when I find FRESH reindeer meat here in Florida.

  • Santa crying

  • Beautiful.

  • This man is probably uses a bottle of olive oil every day

  • Why no stick to hold the burger together?

  • That is a heart attack on a plate Guess I will have 3 heart attacks.

  • How many time ps did this man say beautiful

  • The knife had trouble cutting into that tomato lol

  • Looks amazing!! So... Much.... Butter though x_x

  • I think even the Americans would agree that this incredibly lean burger was swimming in butter

  • At home we use to eat deer burgers all the time. Mixed with hamburger and seasonings. Best darn hamburger I ever had besides buffalo burgers. Yum Yum Yum. Car hop trays from amazon.

  • Jesus did Gordon have a stroke recently? He repeats the word "beautiful" so many times it's hard not to think his brain has broken.

  • gouda doesn't even melt and it's also not fancy like he's making it out to be? gouda is made for making sandwiches, why would you ever put it on a burger tf just pick some cheese that actually melts jezus christ

  • always pisses me off how mr gordon doesnt take a bite afterwords

  • Jesus, a gallon of butter on everything this guy cooks lol!!

  • Ah yes gou-da cheese very different to Gouda

  • I love how I always learn something new whenever I watch Gordon's videos.

  • S/O to all the people who had never heard of a Reindeer Burger prior to watching this video.

  • Puts burger in pan .. beautifull!

  • magic happens when you grill the bun litterally. for god sake donkey

  • I mean tbh, this is not a burger, but a meatball sandwich. Burger patty should only have salt and pepper on exterior. IMO

  • You forgot to take off the edges of the cheese. That is not tasty at all. And it is Gouda as in "ow! that hurt"

  • "hardly any fat in reindeer" so it's like kangaroo then. I tried minced kangaroo, it was very dull.

  • So excited to have the chef visit Vietnam!

  • Has perfectly good grill to sear the burger on and chooses the cast iron

  • What do you think about this?? nowine.info/loft/jXiKjoSvnM6eqqA/video&ab_channel=LivingWaters ?!!

  • When Santa got no food:

  • No one show Babish from Binging with Babish when Gordon salted the burgers before forming the patties. He said and I quote "Don't ever let me catch you doing this"

  • It's like that one episode of the south park with Russel Crowe except it's Gordon Ramsay cooking around the world. Are required to go around the world to cook these recipes?

  • He seems a bit mad, probably just has too much energy he ends up spending this way, being excentric with food.

  • it's may burned a little

  • Ok I love Gordon but not a fan of reindeer, my opinion. ❤️

  • "Rudolph The Red Nosed Burger Patty." "On Donner, on Prancer, on Comet, on Vixen, on Burger Patty."

  • .

  • What's "gowdah"?

  • LoL he only basted burger because he fucked up and was about to overcook the meat, put the cheese on too late and Gouda has a pretty high melting temp, love how he spun it to make it look planned, who the fuck bastes a burger ahhaha

  • So nice

  • Good job

  • Too much topping if it can't fit in your mouth.

  • No, not Rudolph.

  • Лисички ням ням

  • Bruh and he ain’t even eat it

  • Reindeer doesn't have much fat, so it's a lot healthier than other meats Proceeds to drown the pan in olive oil to fry the burger

  • Gordon, taste your food, dude! It’s beautiful😜

  • Vegan teacher Wil be angry lol

  • Just because you got a British accent and have a cockiness to ya doesn’t mean you could binge with babish… Jesus… you never even had the makings of a varsity athlete…..

  • 5:06 That knife is dull ... the seeds are gone .

  • i actually kinda love gordon ramsey hes surprisingly wholesome and teaches me things about cooking how cool

  • Poor Rudolf 😢

  • Gouda?

  • Drinking game - Take a shot arrytime Gordo says "really nice" or "beautiful"...Have fun getting hammed in like 4 mins!!!..

  • And by the looks, that "burger" is overcooked

  • Fucking reindeer? That is just so not what Finland is about. Every fucking food show on tv is about Lapland and that is not what Finland is. Why not go south and see what they have to offer?

  • Alternatively when cooking ground game meat, add a tbsp or two of softened butter to your meat and mix throughly

  • what a amazing vegan cake

  • Watching a brit try to make a burger is actually depressing. I don't care if it's Gordom Fucking Ramsay, that was just sad.

  • That's a great looking burger but a very weird looking slice of "Gouda"...

  • Ramsay Around the World

  • Literally only person I’ve ever heard say gowda instead of gooda

  • ok great but how tf do u eat that....... good job dumbass

  • So thats why santa didnt come

  • Hamburger hamburger hamburger cheese

  • my dumb self thought it was gonna be real rein-deer meat. wait.

  • Gordan you worked the meat too much. That's a tuff burger after. Relax on mixing

  • looks like it would taste awesome! I want to try.

  • Gordon "just a touch of butter" Ramsay.