Gordon Ramsay Cooks Oxtail With His Mother | Home Cooking FULL EPISODE

Publisert 31. aug.. 2021
This week Gordon Ramsay shows off his favorite thrifty recipes relying on economically friendly ingredients, including eggy bread, bacon and sweetcorn soup, and a spicy braised oxtail.

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  • "Havent you guys got homework"... the ultimate way of saying gtfo to kids

  • Per Moberg is best.

  • How absolutely beautiful to see a wonderful relationship between Mum and Son. Fantastic to see the affection you openly show to your Mum and Family. This is how we were.Cherish each other, there is nothing more important. God Bless you all. Freda Robinson. Xxx

  • I bet Gordon’s LDL is like 190

  • Gordon on Kitchen Nightmares "Fresh frozen, there's no such thing" Also Gordon at 9:08 now this isn't serious, but after so many times hearing him trash on fresh frozen in kitchen nightmares I never believed I would hear him say those words

  • thanks for bringing back happy childhood food memories

  • Oxtail - "Hard to find a cheaper cut of red meat" - I beg to differ, in South Africa at the same place it is the same price as Rump steak

  • aww how lovely, mum and son as adults cooking together, our loved ones are so precious to us, we should all make time for our loved ones, life's short, that's why we should all make as many happy memories together.

  • Love the way Gordon cook that without measuring cups and spoon, Uncle Roger can't complain.

  • More cooking session with your mom chef ramsay 👨‍🍳

  • Tilly Meghan Holly & bro Jack take after Grandma and Dad certainly world class chefs they’re

  • It’s raw !!!!! GET OUT !!!!!

  • I thought Gordon was scary but he has to get his scariest from somewhere. I’m kidding she is probably a really nice mum/grandma/mother-in-law

  • Now when I saw your mother I understand why you're so awesome!

  • is eggy bread just french toast????????

  • Oxtail is one of the most expensive cuts of meat in South Africa.

  • Couple tablespoon of sugar "chunk Chunk"


  • Whats up UK? You guys got empty shelves in the store and Gordon is showing you how to cook cheap meals? What happend? Brexit?

  • You can see Gordon is a professional, just for the fact that he didn't need to measure the sugar with a spoon. Amazing❤!!

  • The only problem when you're cooking with gordon is, who's gonna wash the plates after......

  • Thanks Gordon 😊

  • Sir ramsy mom looks like tilly

  • J'ai beaucoup d'estime pour Gordon Ramsay principalement pour sa cuisine et son amour pour sa mère et sa petite famille.

  • 🇻🇳🇻🇳🇻🇳

  • Gordon made a ratatulei

  • Cooking with his mum

  • I live in Rio de Janeiro. There is a restaurant near my flat that serves oxtail with polenta and wilted watercress on top. There are a fair number of Asian multinational companies in the neighborhood. The oxtail day is Wednesday. However, prior to the pandemic, if you arrived after the Asians did, there would be none left. Another detail, is that when they ate the oxtail and sucked the very soul out of the meat/bone pieces, they looked like they had been bleached. Even a dog would not have wanted to try to find any protein in the remains of their feasts.

  • Stop saying biscuit

  • Before I die, I need to eat food made by this man...

  • Wow Gordon’s so thrifty

  • Men who treat their mothers great >>>>>

  • Others : French Toast Ramsay : *eggy bread*

  • “A big family like me”😏

  • Mark my words this guy will be a great chef 🧐

  • 18:07 who's the boy? I heard jack? Is he jack? I think jack is much more taller than him? And he doesn't look like 21 😭

  • Threfty,have you any idea ,how much oxtail costs?

  • nowine.info/loft/f4eDh5O_layGrX4/video

  • 12:09 where the fun begins

  • amazing how they havent aged in 4 years, and still wearing the same clothes. nowine.info/loft/ho9thYyaoJero3Y/video nevertheless, still a good meal.

  • So much sugar! Good luck to those following his recipes.

  • Cameraman: How much zoom do you want fam? Producer: Yes

  • So remember: A little knob of butter = half pack

  • When you see gordan with hus mum it explains why he's such a great fun loving father

  • I have fallen in love with the recipes on this channel. Made the cinnamon eggy bread with apples and it was so GOOD. The family loved it too.

  • woah

  • Thank you for these lovely dishes Gordon!You truly bring out the best of simple ingredients into a stunning dishes!❤❤

  • Gordon: The price of ingredients are through the roof. Also Gordon: Such cheap ingredients.

  • Gordon "beautiful" Ramsay😄

  • 👍👍👍

  • "Man who doesn't spend time with his family is not a man" -Don Corleone

  • No offense, but that breakfast is too sweet like god damn how much sugar is in it

  • His mother is so young looking she looks like his wife

  • Oxtail is delicious when bolied in soup. GOMTANG

  • He is a very good son

  • Call Me 110#FandyBoy Lets be Pro Flavour

  • Kitchen nightmare new season plzzzzzz 😥

  • In the Netherlands our version of eggy bread is called wentelteefjes and we don’t use sugar but cinnamon and vanilla and the sugar is used on the table if you like. It’s my sons favorite breakfast

  • Now im hungry

  • I must try this, it seems less of a faff than soaking the bread in milk first, and then coating it in the beaten egg.

  • I would love to use pineapple 🍍

  • hmmmm, britishers making food, disgusting!!

  • What a life!

  • My mother and grany made chicken neck curie. We ate a lot of aful. Sheep's hed liver lung tripe trotters and sheep's brains with scrambled eggs.

  • i love the way old videos have been recycled to form part of a new video in order to generate views/revenue for chef-king ramsey. come on lad. give us some new/exciting content. this is rubbish.


  • Beim Frühstück fehlt nur noch Foie Gras - Gänseleberpastete, smile! The only thing missing for breakfast is foie gras, smile!

  • Don’t keep the Cinnamon as in powder…. You are loosing flavor in every minute…. Keep the cinnamon sticks in a air tight jar…when you need it as powder… use the sticks… this advise is coming from a Sri Lankan….

  • Your food is good ,but not compare with our Indian food and sweet ..

  • love ya Gordon nest video bro

  • EaT iT bEaUtIfUlY

  • Это самы крутой шеф мира 🌍 я готовлю по его методике

  • Helloo

  • Man let me share you a sad story, my neighbor owned a street dog and after they got a new one (high class breed dog) they doesnt care about the dog anymore they just leash it at the back of their house, everytime their family went on an outing they bring with them the breeded dog because the dog is just small while the other dog is left in the house there is a time that they leave the house for 5 days and i am the one who is feeding the dog and i did not hear any thanks from them, it seems that they really want to get rid of the dog. Ps: that dog is very cheerful it wags its tail whenever it see its family even though they are cruel to him. Then one day i just heared the dog screaming and the friend of our neighbor is holding a huge piece of wood and the dog was lying in the ground covered with blood. They say that they killed it because it bit the owner but after that they deag the dog outside the house and cooked it. Man i can imagine that dog is just happy to see its owner wagging his tail after they approach him a second ago after they hit him with that piece of wood. I know that it was just a lie when they said the dog bit the owner.😭😭😭

  • 2:59 did anyone else noticed the tour de France music 😂?

  • I can never forget this amazing person Gordon Ramsay. He's my favourite celebrity and chef. I will click any video where there is Gordon. He's incredible.

  • Gordon Ramsay food is so good I tried it is an angel 😇 soiooo good and you cook do fast

  • Gordon

  • Hallucination sequence starts at 5:07

  • 9:09 did Gordon just said fresh frozen

  • Oxtail is literally an expensive and hard to source cut of meat now because of restaurants buying it all up

  • Gordon: No pineapple on pizza Also Gordon: Banana and pineapple on bread

  • Soup of the week

  • in new zealand ox tails about $20kg not cheap. dont know why

  • Cute mom and Superb son ,yummy Recipe

  • Say eggs bread one more time I dare ya. It's fuckin French toaste

  • Booooooooo

  • Looks good

  • Gordon Ramsay That vegan teacher is attacking you again destroy her by calling a Vegan Asshole

  • 17:58 hello hoes

  • 4:05 that butter gives that nice, golden-brown colour of that ehhhg Is that even English

  • Good luk sir, ❤

  • Belive me no one is cooking better than grandmother and mother

  • Gordon explains every detail to his mother while cooking. That's very wonderful 💖 Truly the chef in my heart.

  • Gordan after every single sentence of his: ............... incredible!!!!!👌🏻

  • Me testing ur meals.... I will say that's disgusting absolutely fucked

  • Any one needs kerala food recipes

  • Thanks for the awsome breakfast idea :)

  • Mother & Son 0:37 😊💖👍

  • Love this.. keep up the good cooking, and turtorials!