Gordon Ramsay's Beachside Steak Sandwich

Publisert 3. okt.. 2021
Gordon's in Puerto Rico taking local ingredients to put a Puerto Rican twist on a steak sandwich. Using local ingredients and a mojo sauce (commonly used throughout Puerto Rico for marinating as well as fish dishes), Gordon cooks up a delicious sandwich, perfect for the beach!

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  • Someone teach him more adjective words other than "beautiful".

  • i think he burned the bread

  • Gordon Ramsay, You are the reason I cook and my girlfriend doesn't. Love your work and makes me want to make more challenging dishes. It's motivational as hell

  • Beautiful 🤣👍

  • that bread was burnt to shit

  • there is no way that is edible, one bite of the steak and you'll pull all the steak and other fillings out

  • Bread's completely burnt

  • What do you think about thiis? nowine.info/loft/jXiKjoSvnM6eqqA/video&ab_channel=LivingWaters ?

  • Lol he covered that burnt end of the bread really quickly

  • I’ve never seen that type of mojo 😂😂 not in my 24 years.

  • Nice sandwich! Almost as good as Subway's steak and cheese! You'll get there!

  • Just like Gordon said. F**K the dog those bits are for me. Eat your dog food Fido 😂🤪😜

  • after a long journey of eating many kinds of steak, pan seared + butter basted >>> grilled

    • That’s true for nearly any food. You can just cook it in its own juices and keep the flavor or you let them run off. Never understood why people enjoy grilled food over fried. Now there is this air fryer nonsense. I understand wanting something different time to time but it’s hardly the go to choice for me.

  • Gordons jewish

  • Hahaha why must they put the cooking grill so far from the prepare table.. Can't it be next to each other. Hahah look like the producer wants Gordon to lose some weight 😂 he * Literally * has to walk 5 steps everytime he switch over between cooking and preparing

  • My mum loves watching your kitchen nightmare vids

  • Gordon loves putting beef between bread

  • I'll do anything Gordon says: "Fuck the dog" YES CHEF.

  • I'm half puerto rican and I have never tried this but I so wanna try it. Looks delicious 😋.

  • It wouldn't be Gordon if he didn't burn the shit out of the buns.

  • Its the knife skills for me im a great cook at home and i would love him to teach me and show me the better stage

  • I am so hungry now after watching this. Good job, Chef Ramsay. Nicely done.

  • "that's our staple" No, Gordon, your staple seems to be giving me a food boner

  • Asmr shit right there

  • 0:32 "...to add some sort of... ähhmm... you know... Flavour"

  • Good

  • beautiful

  • It’s Gordon touching the raw steak and then everything else

  • *Gordon burns the bread* “beautiful” 💀🤣

  • Gordon looking red enough to go on those sandwiches himself.

  • Where mia from Hell’s Kitchen 18

  • Be vegan dummy

  • Looks like he had a rough day lol good sandwich though.

  • One side would be alright just not the burnt end

  • its easy as hell to cook this but gordons restaurant will sure charge u 20 bucks for this

  • Gordon season EVERYTHING! If you see gordon. RUN

  • The bread is burnt you doughnut

  • Work from beach!

  • I literally cannot understand how he's fine with touching the raw steak then wiping his hands with the cloth and later he's taking bites of it and you assume he'll eat the whole thing, and he hasn't washed his hands once. I can do all that stuff pretty quickly but I take too much time to wash up

    • You can eat steak raw if you want. Its chicken and pork that will get you.

  • Its just confusing of when these videos are made. Says a week but then intro/outro are ancient. Id just love some transparency. I mean we after all are the people who generate over 800,000 euro per annum via NOwine income for this celeb. We deserve more and should be asking questions. Quality not quantity please.

  • 😋😋

  • Me still wondering how he didn't got covid especially legit on the side of the beach: 🤔🤔🤔

  • What a moron. Over salted and that is not the proper way to process steak for a sandwich

  • That is a sad looking piece of meat

  • Touches raw steak. Immediately touches bread. I'm sure it's for the sake of speed to make this a quick clip, but don't do that. Ever.

  • The useful house congruently crash because dinghy equally label without a garrulous imprisonment. poor, cumbersome event

  • great looking steak sandwich but if someone makes this for me and uses a metal spoon on my nonstick pan, it's going in their face

  • Like how he doesn't tell you what's in the spices

  • 👍👍

  • Gordon: Fuck the dog… Yes chef

  • Lmfao Dogs watching this video: “F you Gordon!” Also dogs: “unsubscribe” 😂🦮

  • Olive oil...BEauuuutiful,,,,Salt, BEEEautifullll.....A little more seasoning (salt) "Beauuuuutifullllll" my eyes: nothing lookin "beeutifulll" here.......I much prefer a minimilistic approach to cooking, ofcourse its gunna taste good if you make it 2000+ calories pfffff novice sandwich artist

  • beautiful

  • 9.6/10👍 Nice Bread😆

  • im offended by the ending, wtf bruh why u had to do the dog like that

  • It was probably a dry sandwich. You forgot the mayo

  • You forgot the mayo

  • This guy is a legend

  • Gordon Ramsay showing me how much oil to put in the pan: *Dumps half the bottle* What actually goes in the pan: 1:38

  • Gordon the bread was BURNTTTTTTT

  • Never forget... grilled cheese

  • Gordon Ramsay: "Beautiful New York strip" NY strip: Grey, old, no marbling

  • Ewww

  • I tried cutting an onion like Gordon. It didn't end well..

  • Its a honor have you in my island and is a gorgeus honor see you cooking in one of the island most beatiful in the world glad to have you enjoy the amaizing views Sr my respect to you as a men and as a chef 🇵🇷🇵🇷🇵🇷🔥🔥🔥

  • Wow great sandwich 🥪 💕💙💜

  • The ocean look so beautiful

  • More beautifuls than usual in this one

    • I counted 17

  • Gordo is the Evelyn Wood of cooking.

  • Gordon: The secret is.......

  • 4:21 FOF

  • 1:24 voicecrack

  • Gordon knows how to make a steak that I want to instantly eat. 🤤

  • Nothing makes me think of the beach like Gordon cooking a $30lb/lb steak sand which

  • Best food in the game! Thanks Gordon 👌🏻

  • Dog be like :'(

  • That’s an idiot sandwich since he burned the bread 🤷🏼‍♂️

  • And also looks the steak and the vegetables look lit

  • Just needs some like citrusy mayo on the bread.

  • Go to Jamaica Beach side

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  • Looks fire

  • "fuck the dog" Yes chef! *zip...* come ere buster

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  • Beautiful😘

  • literally raising the roof😆

  • He burned the bread 😂😂

  • Ooooh that looks DELICIOUS

  • Do you like breed the animal just seems so much and let them free to the wild

  • You call that a steak sandwich? Where's the greeeeeaaaaseee? You fuckin donut!

  • it's october you t'wat

  • fuck the dog love it he is my new fav celeb

  • Hi Gordon Ramsay. I just heard about what happened to your daughter and I hope those men that hurt her get what they deserve in prison. Those rapists better be careful in the shower and not drop the soap.

  • Touched the bread after touching RAWWW meat…

  • How many times did he say beautiful?

  • This man was touching that bread with his nasty steak hands like 3 different times.

  • Idk what the hell am I doing here, watching this video while eating noodles at 4am

  • Brought his whole kitchen

  • No peppers "give off heat". Its a chemical reaction you donut!