I Make the Ultimate Pork Sandwich in Portugal | Gordon Ramsay

Publisert 22. aug.. 2021
Gordon is in Portugal this week and is cooking up something so good, even the local partiers can smell it from the sea! After spending a week in Portugal he's cooking up his take on the Bifana, a legendary sandwich full of thinly sliced pork, cheese, peppers and paprika. From front to back, this is sandwich is a definite winner!

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  • Thats no tradicional Bifana.....at least not in Portugal...you can cook amazing....but when you come to a country and say that you gona make a "tradicional dish" learn about it and make it like it should

  • How to murder a bifana - what have you done Gordon made your own sandwich? 😂

  • Moços…calma, tem bom aspecto

  • Deus do céu me acuda! This hurts my ears, what the hell is that thing he called "beautiful traditional bifana"?! Never in a million years! Thats the same as going to pizza hut and saying "what a beautiful traditional italian pizza"!

    • Stop being so butthurt

  • Imagine if the boat was filming porn while Gordon is filming his cooking.

  • thats more of a prego no pao than bifana, but good flavours i guess

  • This has nothing to do with a "bifana" but damn, it looks sooo much better : p

  • Serve that sandwich open face?

  • Justin I’m going to fire your ass if you don’t pan down!

  • That looked burnt to me ?

  • Your on vacation with your family and all you smell is Gordon Ramsey!

  • Beautiful.

  • I'm Portuguese and I've never seen a bifana like that XD Looks amazing though

  • That is a portuguese bifana and i'm Pikachu

  • Justin it's not Gordon's daughter

  • Que mistela é esta !!! American food in Portugal ...bifana lol ...

  • as a portuguese person this is nowhere near a traditional bifana and i love u gordan but if u think that’s traditional ur a CABRON adeus 👋

  • Don't take Gordon's shit Justin. He's not more important then you.

  • Gordon, you only impress people who don't know what food is about. Those of us who know how to cook, we are not fooled by your arrogant bullshit

  • It is sad to see a chef going senile.

  • This is anything but bifana and traditional. It looks tasty, but Gordon, if you insist to name it Bifana, I'll fly to UK and kick your ass. Cheers from Portugal! 😃

  • Why he`s allways rushing

  • i cant watch this anymore. It just makes me hungry all the time :D

  • Did u hear him say ‘be farter’ or was it just me?

  • the best bifana was when Anthony Bourdain was in Portugal, perfect snack, miss him :( RIP

  • traditional bifana my ass, but looks delicious

  • “I’m not your daughter” 🤣 He’s so thankful he didn’t have to deal with Ramsey during the heat of the pandemic.

  • Gordon, love ya but this a big L on your part. Not traditional at all. At. All. A nice good pork, papo seco maybe onions and pepper and that’s it. This is weird. Some weird Italian take on a bifana

  • Mouths gonna be all sorts of bloody biting that bread😭😭

  • Just imagine being told to put your clothes on by Gordon Ramsay of all people.

  • I don't like the type of bun he used, but aside from that it looks good.

  • I think he burnt his breads...

  • 🔥🇵🇹🇵🇹🇵🇹🔥

  • "You don't wanna be down there..." Yes I do Gordon, yes I do!

  • how do you eat it, its the size of a fuuken head. put that in ya mouth for a bit, ide like to see it..

  • The comments show, once again, that Europeans are very insecure about their food

    • @João Pedro Freitas I'm not American, and pride isn't normally this fragile. Most people here care way too much about this.

    • We're not insecure, we're proud. I understand that America was created a couple of centuries ago or whatever and you have no history or culture whatsoever, that doesn't mean you have to give us crap over our sensitivity when you slaughter a traditional dish. Imagine a Portuguese person filming a video in America making a cheeseburger using a steak instead of a burger and no cheese

  • Im so sorry... I believe that is good...but... isnt a tradicional pt bifana. Is your "reading" , ok :)

  • That's not a bifana your effin donut, you ruined it :D :D :D

  • That fits no ones mouth!

  • I made this and it was soooo goood, the steps are easy to follow and I impressed how good it was.


  • desde já peço desculpa mas isso não é bifanas mas sim febras de porco grelhadas sorry

  • now that's a great " bifana no pão " , don't mind that at all

  • I'm Portuguese and I just throw my phone down 30 meters of Nazaré lighthouse. A bifana is a bifana, not this invention, you just look like salt bae doing stupid things... Just say no to inventions and respect Portuguese food.

  • "tradicional bifana" mate I'm Portuguese, living in Scotland, what research did you do, if any, the only part you got right was the pork and still you grilled it, which is wrong. Really your sandwich looks good and I believe it should taste fantastic but... Cammon it's insulting to called it a " traditional bifana" next time just state that is your "interpretation of...", "Gordo" you are losing it mate, you just don't fuc.. care anymore. Disappointing.

  • Só vim aqui para ver os comentários.. :D

  • Whats the traditional name of the capiscum an red onion sautè?

  • how many times is he gonna say beautiful(ly)

  • If you wish to send me one in a UAV drone that keeps it hot. I can do the official taste test for you once and for all and settle it up in the comment section.

  • This. Is. Not. Tradition. Beautiful, yes. I mean I would still eat this. And it would probably be still be awesome. But if I have a choice.... and the 2 are in front of me..... Bifana vs RamFana? And if I'm in Portugal... I will take the classic Bifana and a SuperBock please. This sandwich is trying to be way too much to be called a Bifana. This is no bifana. You actually mentioned it in this video.... the pork that is so good it tastes like beef. That on its own is what makes the sandwich so epic. The meat is the highlight. And its so fucking good. I dont eat pork. I do not like the taste of 99% of pork related things. But that sandwich is insanely simple and is absolutely fucking incredible. It has no business being that simple and that good at the same time. This sandwich you got here Gordon is a sin. This needs to be called it's own thing because it still looks delicious. Ramfana.

  • Gordon ramsay on literally every ingredient: Lightly season it with a little salt, pepper and a little drizzle of olive oil

    • Then proceeds to put all the olive oil in the world

  • My oh my Gordon, that's NOT a typical Portuguese bifana !! That's an insult to the Portuguese culture!! Gordan, you have just FUCKED UP badly mate!!

  • Damn boy. Gordon got chunggus. Nice Cooking as always tho.

  • mano esta merda tem bom aspecto mas é tudo menos uma bifana

  • maby it taste oke ,, but dont over react Gordon ,, so special its not .. i wanne see a higher level from you ,an by the way , your sandwich is burned !!! its black !!!

  • Just want to know about the liquid smoked paprika is it homemade or can it be bought in the UK>

  • Justin is the real MVP of this video

  • I’m so sorry the vegan teacher is being rude to you me and my mom watch your show on Tubi Hell’s Kitchen oh and your correct I rather be up there instead down there where someone is basically almost naked eww

  • Marvelous! Now, I am hungry. And out of ingrdients for today.

  • It's not a bifana but marchava, marchava caralho

  • Justin is still panning down

  • I hope Gordon fired that camera guy for that little quip about his daughter. Very inappropriate. You could tell that pissed him off but he stayed professional. You know he chewed his ass up off camera tho.

  • Mister Ramsay. You wanna show your take on Portyguese tradicion, thats fine. Everybody does it. But dont try to LIE about something being tradicional when you probably know its not. And if you dindnt made your research before handebol, and just tink you can convice people you know just cause you are gordon Ramsay... Yeah... Insulting. Also, nobody has this for breakfast. ONLY drunk people when they get out of the club. Anyway, looks tasty. But this is NOT portuguese food. From a portuguese chef

  • 7:44 i see you bay shakeing that ass xdd its funny the way he said it

  • Hey Gordon this is not a bifana.... I'm portuguese

  • this not how to do bifana in Oporto where is the sauce? you are doing something similar to prego no pao if it´s prego no pao melting cheese between the meat ? it´s clever mustard in the bread??? try "fried" the bread in olivel oil

  • That is NOT A BIFANA!! Complete disrespect for culture, shame on you ! Call it anything else but not bifana.

  • Serious nosh

  • Im a portuguese and in Portugal bifanas are made with marinade pork ant maybe some onions and thats it then you put the bread amd maybe mustard or ketchupp

  • I ACTUALLY recreated a TYPICAL PORTUGUESE BIFANA in my channel, because this caralho can't cook one.

  • "as a portuguese man"... This looks way better than the( apparently so beloved by my fellow countrymen) traditional bifana... Fuck that, it's normally just a shitty piece of pork with some old bread.. This looks waaaaaaayy better! PS : take my opinion with a pinch of salt 'cause im jewish and don't even eat pork

  • 🤥🤩

  • youtube.com/shorts/sx93QneYUh4?feature=share

  • That looks delicious but Gordon.....that is not a Bifana !! 😭😭💀

  • Absolutely amazing! My favourite part was when you stuck the whole slices of cheese, all natural, including the stickers and the plastic around it!

  • Lies lies and lies. Don't ever say it's a traditional Bifana liar!!!!!!!!!

  • why did you murder animals hmm nvm my dad loves to cook like you

  • I can’t cook because I’m a kid if I could I would try my best to make it good

  • This looks delicious, but to quote your good friend Gino, “If my grandmother had wheels she’d be a bicycle!”

  • Gordon, that looks good...but it isn't a Bifana. Every time that you said "traditional Bifana" I thought, "you're a malasada".

  • Great cooker 👍👍👍

    • @Rafitimba He wasn't ever saying that it's a traditional recipe (is there even one?), he just made a tasty pork sandwich (and that's how it's called in the video title). He is a great cook. And i want to eat that thing.

    • And you call that a great cook? No, just no.

    • No, that’s not a normal bifana. That’s a HAMBURGERY MESS.

  • Normally between the choice of food or naked women I would choose naked women but if Gordon Ramsay is cooking it I will choose food over naked women

  • Boy does he love olive oil

  • Dear Gordon, I really like your food and respect you as a chef but that's sooooo far from being traditional bifana... In fact, it's not bifana at all... And 'mostarda' is just... mustard! Anyway.. Nice sandwich, just not bifana!

  • Gordon spends too much time on tiktok

  • Heeeeelllll noooo. Successfully subscribed

  • olive oil sandwich

  • oh trust me gordon i wanna be there with you and not on the boat.

  • Looks delicious but this is NOT a traditional Portuguese bifana at all!


  • Justin is dead now.


  • The perfect sandwich for Steve Tyler or Mick Jagger, you need a big mouth to eat it!

  • 10 million Portuguese: "That's not a Bifana...but I would eat it anyway."

  • try making vietnamese food

  • I'm still figure it out what a big different between a sandwich from you or from here 😭🤣🤷🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️

  • ok that looks amazing but how the actual fuck are we supposed to eat that Gordon trying to get us to dislocate our jaws xD

  • that looks amazing but thats not a bifana

  • Make a idiot sandwich

  • A lemon seed went in