Gordon Ramsay Makes Finnish Breakfast Hash...Or is it Swedish? | Scrambled

Publisert 1. aug.. 2021

This week Gordon is in Northern Finland where he's exploring all this interesting country has to offer. But on the banks of an incredible river, where it shares the border with Sweden, Gordon is cooking up a root vegetable hash for an incredible breakfast. No Ikea furniture was assembled but Gordon did bring a bit of Sweden to the dish with some sausage! Rainy and in the height of summer, this is an incredible breakfast dish!

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  • I don't know what is that but looks a tasty meal. Nice recipe. Why Gordon is allways in good mood when coming in nordic country. That reindeer meat episode was kinda funny. He ask from kids how the santa can coming if you eat his reindeers... with a snowmobile😆

  • Gordon, why are you always in such a hurry? Why??? It is not necessary here in Finland.

  • Pyttipanne is also a traditional dish in Norway.

  • Uitonranta!

  • Yo! This video was really good! You should do a cooking series in Scandinavian

  • Pyttipanna is lunch/dinner xD

  • Wow, this Irish? guy have had rough life, but he really carry himself gracefully at those terrible weather conditions

  • Mitäs romuruokaa se tuo on, kyllähän tuo mikroaaltouunin kautta joutas pyöräyttää Ö

  • lol....not finnish not swede either....who tricked him with that?

  • That's not Finnish breakfast.

  • Torille

  • so a posh pyttipannu lol

  • Pyttipannu

  • Eating that at mornings, you’re running to the king seat for a while..

  • Sort of a pyttipanna (in Swedish) and this seems to taste great! but I still love the coldness of the beetroot with the warm potato, sausage, egg, yellow onion, and beef (which was missing here?) with runny egg yoke. And now I'm hungry...

  • i dont understand this dish. What is it, never eaten this as a finn

  • Sweden 🇸🇪❤️🇮🇶

  • There's no butter with vegetables :(

  • This show should be renamed "Gordon Ramsay does what ever the fuck he wants"

  • Kelasin et Jan u metskais hasaa

  • I live in Finland and we eat just bread and/or oatmeal for breakfast

  • wheres the hash?

  • Greetings from finland "Pyttipannu" is good

  • did he just say soccer?!

  • Gordon having Bob Ross vibes in this one

  • it's called pyttipannu and it's not a breakfast food lmao

  • kiitos kortonki :DD ebin :DD

  • As a Finn this hurts my feelings.

  • You should have picked and showed a sausage that either Finnish or Swedish people eat every day. Not that kind (raw). And I bet you have more rainy days in the UK than we do in Finland.


  • Soccer? Finland would NEVER beat Sweden in soccer...

  • Gordon gotta have a Hell of a hangover to eat Pyttipannu to breakfast..

  • Never did I eaten that nore in Sweden or Finland? 🤣🤔

  • Suomi mainittu!

  • Never have eaten the pyttipannu for breakfast 🤔 Beetroot is awesome with the pyttipannu, but it's rare to see it used.

  • Finnish breakfast is actually more like just a plain oat porridge lol.

  • I like The moroccan kind of hash myself🤩

  • Pytt i panna 🇸🇪

  • Pyttipannu just needs low quality sausage, potatos and onion.

    • Usually leftovers from the past day or three.

  • Pyttipanna*

  • Never say soccer again.....

  • The name of the dish in Sweden is "Pytt i panna"

  • No way in hell this is a Swedish breakfast. we eat bread, cheese, porridge, yoghurt, müsli, coffee. Looks more like English/American hot breakfast.

  • Gordon is just a one fake guy who thinks too highly of himself. That's how he makes his living. :D And it's funny. Haven't you guys realised it already? I give you an example. He visited Finland and failed twice in a row to cook something which is traditional to us. :D Then he comes here and insults us for "shi at food" and fails himself to cook to delicasy himself. Don't you guys realize that he is all but a show? :D Of course he can do good but all of this video is just a stupid show.

  • Hieman erilainen pyttipannu.

  • Definitely no breakfast. Maybe lunch, but more commonly a night snack after bar.. equals for British fish&chips...

  • where in Sweden or Finland do they eat that kind of breakfast?? lived 23years in Haparanda (look it up) border to Finland and never have i had that kind of breakfast Gordon????

  • He won't eat vegetarian food but calls Football soccer. Even though he is from England. SMH 😎😂😂

  • Yeah, that's not breakfast. It never was. I mean, sometimes i have lunch/dinner for breakfast, but i still know it's wrong..

  • It would be interesting to hear what he thought if he'd made it with the standard Finnish makkara, not 'breakfast sausage' (possibly rahka makkara is closest)... In the 12 years I've lived in Finland, I've never seen a breakfast option like what he cooked...

  • This is basically a spin of "pytt i panna" and is a typical working class lunch / dinner here in Sweden.

  • gordon. a brit. whos original career goal was to be a footballer.... said soccer

  • YYYYummie !!!

  • us swedes love some hash with breakfast :)

  • fancy Makkaraperuna dish 👌

  • Beautiful 🙏🏼😉

  • "in SHE goes"? I did not know eggs are female.

  • Breakfast? Nobody eats that for breakfast in Finland. It’s a leftover lunch or dinner. And let’s be clear. There’s nothing beautiful about pieces of sausage and onions on a pan. 😂

  • tobacco and coffee, thats finnish breakfast pleb

  • Soccer :(

  • Bis face Gets swollen every hour 😂

  • Sorry, this is not proper ”pytt i panna”. It should be made of leftovers from diners or lunches eaten earlier in the last couple of days and it is not a breakfast dish.

  • 14 beautiful's and 3 beautifully's . some nosh beautifully fried ...beautiful !

  • Non-stick skillet on open flame, now I’ve seen it all.

  • Half finished indeed…like raw potatoes?

  • Etsä tiiä missä maassa oot?

  • That's not a hash brown and not really a 'recipe', it's just a list of ingredients fried together with zero technique of any kind. Seems little point in wasting anyone's time showing this on video, D- /rollz eyes

  • Not a breakfast typically, but lunch. Dish is called 'pytt i panna' (Swedish) or 'pyttipannu' (Finnish). en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pyttipanna

  • "Finalnd just beat Sweden in Soccer". You have been had dear, that NEVER happens.

  • Is this Åland? I’ve been there. An island in the Baltic. It was romantic.

  • Tämäkin päivä tuli nähtyä, kun Gordon Ramsay vääntää jossain pohjanmaalaisella biitsillä makkaraperunoita.

  • If Finland really would've won Sweden in football I'd certainly have known about it:D And...I would have been partying for about two weeks after that kind of a game.

  • Ei sitä noi tehrä ku punajuuret sun muut pois ja kananmuna pittöö palotella sinne sekkoo,

  • Okay but in the video there was a note that said "red from beets not blood" but we wouldn't see Gordan cut the beets till after the potatoes so how'd the knife have "beet juice" on it if he hadn't cut the beets yet?

  • Don't put the handle straight over the fire for Gods sake.

  • Pyttipanna sort or, but we usually have everything diced in equal size

  • Swedish guy smells the food... walks to Finland....

  • uskosin että aika harva vetää "spydäriä" aamupalaksi...

  • Still can't see any hash!

  • Uitonranta Kkkona

  • The ripening order is incorrect.

  • sorry , discasting ,,i have seen better from you Gordon ,, where is your quality .. an high standard

  • Hes frozen cold lol

  • I know Gordon that you're a good chef but mitä vittua tää nyt on?

  • Drinking game every time Gordo says, "beautiful."

  • Another tricky, complex dish from Gordon. ALWAYS easy dishes he cooks.

  • i just did a dab of some peach pie butane hash here in the states. :)

  • pyttipannu 😀

  • Gordon. U have to learn cooking. I never seen beafore shit what u do.

  • Pyttipanna the hard way, looks epic tho

  • Why does he always sound out of breath??

  • Football you donkey!!!

  • Nooooo dont use dill on hash what are you doin ramsay hahahaha

  • as a swed, 53 seconds in, i can say ! AARRGGH! gordon we dont use pork sausages.. we use Pork, Beef, diced. not fucking mixed/blended nasty as pasturised meat with starches in it. potatoes, "yellow onions" and meat, diced. thats itt, salt + white pepper thats it. and hes a famous chef lmao, cant even cook this properly, and a real chef uses butter, not toxic olive oils, Fyi raw olives are poisonous towards humans, yet u pour that shit on ur sallads liike dumb retards. fuckin chef programs... calcifie our hearts will ya. ya dumb nut

  • Vem äter det till frukost ? Det liknar ju mer en lunchrätt !! Eller middag !!

  • Gordon: *eats ice* Also Gordon: THIS IS FREEZING COLD Ice: Yes Chef,Sorry chef

  • This nigga just said “soccer” 🤦🏻‍♂️ I love you Gordon but that was not it 🤦🏻‍♂️

  • did he just say SOCCER

  • I think it’s a Swedish dish becouse of the defenition meaning mix Ed rests in pan idk if Finland use the same words…

  • 2:11 that remark is like 1 Minute early lol