Picnic Recipes With Gordon Ramsay | Home Cooking FULL EPISODE

Publisert 24. aug.. 2021
This week Gordon shows us his favourite picnic recipes, including Scotch Eggs, a pan bagnat, Prawn & cucumber salad and a chocolate marshmallow and peanut fridge cake!

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  • i want ramsey to give me his kitchen..., I'll cook better :D

  • Best part: " Spread the pattey".

  • 14:03 That is a very intelligent & considerate question to ask considering how much people there are with nut allergies out there.

  • that fridge cake sounds overly sweet

  • 🇻🇳🇻🇳🇻🇳

  • I love you😍..can you reply please 🙏🏻

  • this is his best one ever ,practical and can be done by us all.on that note i am off to cook a scotch egg.

  • I wish i was in the uk

  • I love fishing!!

  • nowine.info/loft/aYOQo32nbdmmrnI/video

  • Have you conquered the taste of Vietnamese people yet?

  • WIENER SCHNITZEL!! *proud austrian noises*

  • Woooow! A luxury picnic💗🌞 You are Amazing Gordon Ramsay🌟

  • Google: how to be born in Gordon Ramsay's family for my next life

  • I am only here on NOwine for Gordon Ramsay

  • More episodes of you teaching your family / friends how to make a dish... It's a lot more interesting to watch it being broken down to an actual person consuming the teaching. Also additional comments and random conversations / opinions.

  • Does anyone know when he made this video? Like year and date

  • How awesome would it be to have Gordon as your dad?

  • круто вкусно

  • What a lovely family

  • here before 100k views

  • Crazy to think that little Tilly Ramsay is 19 now

  • When Gordon cuts up the onion, the onion ends up in tears.

  • Tilly makes me laugh.

  • yo I just watched uncle rogers video and he wants to do a collar with you

  • The food ended up costing more than the entire picnic bruh

  • 👍👍👍👍👍👍❤❤❤❤❤❤

  • Mr Ramsey please check Master Chef Indonesia..there is a legend who can win at 8 challange and we call him Lord Adi..but unfortunately and sadly he doesn't go to the finale.. may be Mr Ramsey can help us as our medication to invite him as one of your guess sometimes..

  • Gordon do you still remember when you ate a snake heart while it beating still you remember it Gordon?

  • Why is Tilly so young there? :S isn't she older now?

  • Chef, why don't you collab with Chef Suhaidi Jamaan from Indonesia.. ?? Many people waiting for this..

  • How have I never noticed he’s left handed?

  • Hello

  • Hey gordan feed me big boy

  • hi

  • It's healthy, it's fun, and it's good!

  • Welcome to my channel 😊

  • Pls

  • Pls review Indian restaurant

  • Mantap jadi laper

  • Gordon | Full Ramsey | Episode

  • Có ai viet nam ko

  • React to Mully and tannar reacting to you

  • Excellent, we really enjoyed that. Thanks so much for taking the time to film and share. Mack and Maggie, Huddersfield

  • Hey hey I want to say I heard a dude said “well.. British people sounds very smart not gonna lie!”

  • Sandwich-tear your ass) Delicious!

  • Will you broadcast cooking with a vtuber avatar?

  • he can spell "Parmesan" but siill saying OLIVOL xD

  • Best chef in the universe.

  • that fridge cake is essentially worse smores, you dont get that lovely gramcraker flavor, or nice roasted marshmallow with softened chocolate, of the fun of roasting anything over a fire, and the only thing thats been added is dried fruit, well, its better then nothing, but id definitely take smores over that

  • That sandwich would be awkward to eat in normal circumstances, let alone a picnic.

  • I,m hungry

  • so where do i sign up for a picnic like this?

  • Ohhhh I thought it has to be mashed I keep cooking it and it was soft I thought it was raw but it was runny

  • I am your big fan sir ... I love cooking

  • Bang gordon, ini ga ada teks indonesianya yak?

  • I wish Gordon would make a video where he takes terrible food hacks, and then modifies them so they are actually edible.

  • Why does this have to make me hungry in the middle of the night🤤🥺

  • Dude Gordan is the only online chef that I completely trust with making his food and sure it tastes great.

  • I pity the guy cleaning up after him

  • Good

  • Good dish good picnic

  • Gordon Ramsay after the video:"all of u get back to the house"

  • Scotch eggs

  • Dude I don’t even go outside.

  • Everything looks very appetizing

  • oh my god yummy

  • First dish look like in mc us

  • Wow very good . ilove you

  • Nice

  • I love everything you do Gordon Ramsey. How do I reach your team?

  • I want to know, who runs kitchen nightmares acc

  • If a squid is undercooked just say i can still her him say spongbob f#uck off

  • Scotch Eggs with garlic that my next cook up

  • de pan bagnat could have extended into prehistory ?

  • Already watched it but can't get enough!

  • He might cause he might get mad easily but he's a legend hands down I will die to eat his food

  • He's the eminem of cooking

  • I cannot fit that sandwich in my mouth.

  • *Không hiểu gì hết...*

  • nowine.info/loft/hpexa7HZjauHZWk/video Lol look what the vegan teacher did

  • Delicious food

  • 🤷‍♀️¥

  • Love the cooking videos, but the camera close ups really drives me nuts. Especially when the whole video is mostly close ups. Argh..don't need to watch everything that closely

  • I hope that Pan Bagnan comes with 10 napkins.

  • How do i eat the sandwich gordon

  • I really wanted to eat the bread insides 😂

  • 4:44 bruh am i the only 1 that hears the background theme from saints row 4 from a clothing store?

  • Love those video edits!

  • 소풍갈때 이렇게 싸가면 아마 가족들이 매일 소풍가자고 할거에요🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Thats fantastic and amazing food, wanted to try them here in my country philippines.

  • Hey Gordon Ramsey I saw u in Cornwall last year

  • Would you also put the bread you remove from the basket in a blender, make into breadcrumbs, roast the breadcrumbs and also add them to the basket for something crunchy? Or let's say you add some of the breadcrumbs in the salad and some in the basket?

    • nowine.info/loft/sndrmKzOrthuk5w/video💜

  • nowine.info/loft/hIuDgX_JpJaCZ3I/video

  • Wow very nice

  • Can jamie oliver did this?

  • Someone please tell how to eat that sandwich?

  • Pretty generous of old Gordon to give us this great training for free. I think a lot of the attitude on the US TV version is simply acting and playing to the audience. I bet he's a pretty damn good guy in real life. This is evidence of his good character for sure.

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