Gordon Ramsay's Comfort Food Recipes | Home Cooking FULL EPISODE

Publisert 17. aug.. 2021
This week, Gordon Ramsay shows his favourite comfort food recipes, including a spiced baked porridge, ginger beer battered fish and a sausage hotpot.

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  • Nice cooking

  • ive been seeing some radio broadcaster been slaggin tilly off. discusting. i have watched loads of youre videos im not some stalker i just love them tilly dont suppose you will read this tell steve allen too f off. i turn the radio off when he is on. he never shuts up just talks rubbish

  • The quick solution are just open a bottle of whisky, it warms like a hug.

  • Should be Sir Gordon Ramsey

  • Gordon - What do you call those green apples? Tilly - Pinklady Apples? Gordon - NO! Its Grannysmith Apples you donkey!

  • as someone who despise vanilla, I'm annoyed that chefs and brands shove that shit in everything. disgustang.

  • Little daughter is cuuuuute

  • 13:09 Tilly with the knife Now where should I make that incision? 13:21 All done (there's no way she chopped all those freakin onions)

  • I have never wanted children..But now I need a daughter like this one 😊

  • Has anyone ever attempted to veganize the sausage dish with Beyond Sausages? Does it work? To they come apart?

  • Hell, if i need comfort food i would rather just buy fast food or bake something from the freezer menu lol, fuck the dirty dishes.

  • Love you Gordon!!!

  • Gordon have you not heard it's better to use virgin olive oil, butter, lard , coconut oil or dripping to cook with now. Like our my Grandma used to use. She lived to 95! The new research is theses " vegetable" oils go rancid when cooked at high temperatures. See Dr. Berg on you tube. Get with it Gordon!!

  • "Good Girl"

  • Gordon Ramsay I do not mean to sounds dumb. But when you say cook the beetroot are you oven roasting them or are you cooking them another way for the gratan?

    • Buy it cooked not fresh or pickled

  • Thumbnail: “Gordon Full Ramsay Episode”

  • Hey Gordon, you are great

  • demn idk about ur guys but gordon use frozen food???!!😂

  • this all is good but, where is the lamb sauce????

  • cooking from home and he has the exact amount of ingredients in jars for this recipe... yea right 😂 does look nice though

  • I can actually smell all of this.

  • I grown up with an absent of a mother. My dad is a scrumpy and hard-headed man but he always cook the best potato carrot soup that just a delightful exprience when it hit you with the smell from far away. Hope some day i can cook like that to my kids.

  • 21:27 Tilly roasting Gordon is too adorable

  • No cheese on the gratin?!?!?


  • Ginger beer??? Beer battered cod doesn't mean ginger beer. Christ Almighty! Does sound tasty though.

  • It's the potato 🥔 that came from South America

  • We've always had apples in England you TIT

  • 🍎 Apples came from China!!! Along with the best breakfasts are from America C'mon man!

  • ur receipes are superb I love that

  • That garlic/butter scene for the gratin made me feel...odd.

  • Damn I’m hungary now

  • Sweet dad and daughter dynamic.

  • seasoning the batter with salt crystals and then passing it through a sieve. the crystals wont pass through???? am i missing something??

  • imagine Gordon cooking dinner for ya every night. couldn't get much better

  • That first dish Why didn’t Gordon just do it all in the tray instead of putting it in a bowl first ?

  • Gordon is it cool if I marry ur daughter when she ready? Will cook for her atleast once

  • Apples don't come from China they come from Kazakstan.

  • Lucky wife👆

  • Please someone give me this potatoes recipe 11:20 , i'll be so thankful!

  • Mmmmmmmmmrapeseed....

  • Good father good teacher

  • Cooking the most pointless thing next to football or the beatles , there is absolutely nothing fascinating or interesting about it

  • Rapeseed is my favs

  • Make more / new videos in this format! They are the best

  • Fish with no chips?!! *faints*

  • 18:30 wait... last time I got kompot it was totally different. Kompot is a drink made out of boiled fruits, sometimes with sugar...

    • I think you refer to the word "kompot", Gordon refers to the word "compote". Major difference is that you do not boil the fruits, but you cook them in a pan or a pot and let them melt.

  • Who else read the thumbnail as GORDON FULL RAMSAY EPISODE?

  • OLIVE OIL for god's sake

  • jamie oliver learn and respect food !

  • Never buy "vegetable" oil. Dangerously processed stuff. Akin to buying something described as "meat". Try to buy only single source oil, corn, nut, seed etc. They're available to all budgets.

  • the first day already sounds like a heart attack

  • Outdated cooking videos that is being uploaded now. Therefore his views on this NOwine video is quite low

  • 6:38 British cooking shows: "The secret is to 'season' the fish"

    • Its because its common practice to load all the seasonings into the fish batter





  • TILLY has too much screan time, i want to the holly or megan or jack more

  • 👍😉🤩

  • school, there's physical school in england? Bloody Hell mate, Im still doing online classes.

    • This was filmed a long time ago but yeah, people have gone back to school

  • Grandma apples

  • Ever noticed how Gordon always say "literally" whenever he puts something in the oven?

  • Narrator: Where's the lamb sauce said gordon ramsay calmly Gordon: WHERE'S THE LAMB SAUUUUUUUUUUUUCE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • frozen peas are gross eww

  • I will try your bake porridge.i love your cooking shows bless up Jamaica one love.

  • Just feel warm, cozy, & fuzzy inside seeing you & your beautiful family enjoying some good quality time.

  • Like I need to see his huge house and how happy and wonderful his kids are, lol, who gives a fuck. It's all BS any how. Just cook and share the recipe FFS. lol.

  • Rub garlic to season the bowl? Never heard of it but it makes sense.

  • Can you substitute Halloumi instead of fish??

    • I mean... I guess? But only if you want something thats a completely different texture and flavour

  • Thyme and mushrooms, kinda a no-brainer. The stuff looks delicious

  • Wait what?! Over 2000 different types of apples🚶🏾‍♂️ I only know 2, red and green

  • What replacement to use if i don‘t like mint, but love peas?

  • Ooooh Yum 😋 looks delicious 😋😋👍👍 @ Chef Gordan Ramsay thank you so much for sharing more of your beautiful recipes and fabulous cooking ideas and thank you so much for sharing a beautiful video with Tilly Mathilda helping you in the kitchen with the beautiful tasty delicious 😋👍 cooking @ Chef Gordan Ramsay and Chef Mathilda Ramsay👍👍😀😀😋😋🌹🌹❤️❤️

  • It would be cool If he made some homemade Snacks 👍

  • Bang masak wahyu A5

  • Guys you are wasting time here chef ranveer best cook in this planet... But sad he do not do his vid in English.you guys are not worth it

  • Love it!! Comfort food had me at full!!

  • Most loved chief.

  • Gordan my mom is best than you

  • I only have one ove :( :( :(

  • 9:52 Lomboken

  • nowine.info/loft/qpmhnK2eldKyhJQ/video

  • Wait, so the base of the hotpot is just pure red wine? 14:33 No stock water or something? Just curious, because I wanna try and make it

  • All of this looks delicious. Unfortunately it is nearly impossible to get bangers in Germany. I love to cook and bake and I got many compliments on my desserts but i must admit that i will never reach half the level of Gordon Ramsey.

    • Bangers are just any sausage with a high fat content tbh. They got their name because the skins tend to pop as they cook due to the fat expanding

  • Gordon Ramsay deserves 20 Milion

  • น่าอร่อยจัง😢😢

  • "Rapeseed." NOwine: **d e m o n i t i z e d**

  • 😍😍😍😍

  • Just really love your cooking Gordon. Really someone worth looking up to.

  • Jesus will return very soon. Anyone who doesn't follow Jesus will go to hell. Be ready

  • 4:39 Sausage, the classic British Banger

  • nowine.info/loft/paN8qK7OodWMZJg/video

  • That baked porridge is burnt you *#*#*#* muppet Ramsay

  • Hope Chef Gordon,i want to become your assistant someday...i want to show you a filipino traditional foods

  • No offense Our indian chefs cook far better than you!

  • Indonesia food 😀

  • me mum

  • 17:24 Tilly's just hyptnotised o.o

  • I live in vietnam. I am yuor fan