Gordon Ramsay Cooks the Perfect Apple French Toast in Michigan

Publisert 12. sep.. 2021
Gordon is back in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan cooking up a stacked french toast that is absolutely delicious. Using the local berry jam (made by monks) as well as fresh autumn apples Gordon has elevated this brunch comfort food to a new level

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  • Me watching this comparing how oppsite this is to anabolic french toast

  • Gordon Ramsay’s Tablespoon is luck more like a handful

  • Is he calling cups tablespoons?

  • Beau--ee-ful, is a Gordon classic

  • You were in my neck of the woods…welcome!

  • "A table spoon of sugar " proceeds to empty half a jar in lol 😆

  • Chef Ramsay can we use brioche as an alternative? (As if Gordon Ramsay would look at this comment)

  • Delicious type 2 Diabetes in a plate

  • I don't think Michigan growers and farmers get the full credit they deserve. We have the most diverse variety of produce second only to California. You can grow almost anything here.

  • What a bad a$$ cooking outdoors in Michigan! Love it! Hope you liked it here

  • $63.00

  • And a tables spoon of cream...pours in half a cup

  • Lmao this dude cracks me up...and he can cook his way outta anything

  • we call them "eggslices" in greece, my grand-aunt used to make them, i still love them

  • The people in the comments section are hilarious! Hahaha

  • One thing I always respect about watching Gordon on these videos is that he doesn’t fuck around. He cooks everything at a fast pace. He’s the man.

  • between the blatant misrepresentation of how much a tablespoon is and the "grilled" cheese video, I'm starting to believe gordon was maybe never as good as we gave him credit for. Also, he doesn't leave skin on for taste OR texture, he's just too lazy to peel stuff after 15 odd years of everyone else doing it for him. there's a 100% chance that if you served mashed potato or apple pie with skin to ramsay, he'd projectile vomit at you and take you to court about it.

  • what kind of tablespoon does he have at home?!

  • he actually said that 5tbsp of sugar

  • where is coach greg

  • This video was uploaded on my birthday, beautiful.

  • That moment when you're camping but you also brought an entire kitchen with you, so you just make the fanciest French toast anyone has ever seen.

  • I don’t think he knows what a table spoon is? Lol

  • "A tablespoon of double cream" *Fills up the whole pan*

  • Gordon's food is so good. Because he's not shy with Sugar, Butter or Oil. As for French toast, Wonder bread with some Mrs Butterworth syrup is just as good.

  • Gonna need some syrup. Definitely need some cast iron for that grill. Teflon and grills SMH lol. But I was so proud of that toast on that bread!!! Effing beautiful. Made me smile. Made me proud.

  • I love Gordon Ramsey can watch him all day 🌻😁

  • Did he say a tablespoon of sugar that he was pouring from a measuring cup? And a tablespoon of cream from the pint bottle?😉 I do soak my French Toast. It does get crisp on the outside and custard like on the inside. I also add cinnamon and vanilla to my egg mixture. Otherwise…it’s just eggy bread.

  • 1st piece lay away from you, 2nd piece lay away from you, 3rd piece, lay towards you! 😉

  • Looking fit Gordon! Good going! Thanks for the great food!

  • A tablespoon???

  • Bruh im jus startin to believe this mans got a portable kitchen w him everywhere he goes😭😭😭😭🤣

  • yesterday i was think, you are not changinging your dp...what a miracle😎😎😎

  • Bruh who dislikes Gordon Ramsey

  • Look delicious, really. But nobody in France (I hope Ramsay was joking) call it "French Toast", we call it "pain perdu" ("lost bread") and never ever use fresh bread, but instead the left over bread too hard to eat, and let it soak on a milk, eggs and butter mix to make it soft. French Toast is everything but French, in fact the first time I heard about this thing was when I was a cook in Australia and the head chef made fun of me because "I dont know my own food", then start to show me his receipe "this is the way you do it your country" and I just wanna stab him with a spoon 'cause he did nothing correct and brag about. The same year an English mate tried to explain to me what is the real mayonnaise, a white tasteless English stuff they call the same. I was wordless by so much confidence on ignorance both time.

  • Tablespoon of sugar😂

  • Fuck the jam where’s the maple syrup ?

  • There is no doubt that you make amazing food recipes *understatement* But there is something I don’t get - why so much anxiety and pressure while cooking ?

  • Boringggg Make pita from bosnia

  • Everything you do is literal, you don’t have to keep saying “literally” every other word there scooter.

  • his tablespoons are titan sized

  • Table spoon??

  • Gordon's tablespoon is literally the size of a table

  • No Gordon, in France they do not call it french toast, sorry to give you these news, but well, there is always space to learn something new!!!. In France, they call it pain perdu. It is the US that uses the name of french toast because it originated in France, but apparently it is the english that originated the term French Toast!!! So you see, you got it all wrong, you were the ones who gave it the wrong name!!! the term appeared in 1660 in a book called The Accomplisht Cook, as we can read it in The Oxford English Dictionary. So, from now on, you can say "we the english wrongly named it French toast" hahahahahaha!!!

  • Do that where I live the amount of flys 🪰 all over there stuff is this 9999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999

  • good day! thank you for the excellent recipes! you are a high-level master! 🤩👍👍👍

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  • I love Gordon Ramsay

  • How fucking big are his tablespoons??

  • 🥰

  • So, I eat a pound of chocolate, in Gordon's head it was a tablespoon.

  • Okay, how big is a British tablespoon? Because that was more than one tablespoon of cream! 😄

  • Tablespoons have gotten much bigger, haven't they?

  • eat it!

  • the monk will be upset if i waste these apple lmao

  • @1:16 a little touch of what?! 😂😂

  • Beautiful

  • Gordon tastes sea water Gordon: ITS TOO SALTY Ocean: yes chef sorry chef

  • Lmao in France they call it French toast God knows why cause it’s not toasted🤣 Got to be one of the funniest things I’ve heard him say lol


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  • Tablespoon of sugar *adds half a cup*

  • 😋

  • Looks delicious

  • Yes please 😍👍

  • A tablespoon of sugar and cream?? Jesus Christ if you are the jolly green giant then yes that would suffice lol anyway it does look fucking delicious.

  • new drinking game: watch this with your friends and take a drink every time Gordon says "Beautiful" or "literally"

    • You'd be shitfaced two minutes into the video and in a coma by the end.

  • Does anyone know the name of apple(s) he is using?

  • I live my toast with your head 😊

  • Beautifull

  • “A tablespoon of sugar” - pours in a pound “A tablespoon of cream” - pours in 1/2 the bottle “Don’t over saturate the bread” - leaves it in the bowl. “A touch of oil” - only a tablespoon!!! I think an alien has abducted Gordon!!!

  • “About a tablespoon of sugar” *gets type 11 diabetes*

  • Yo this man does not know what a tablespoon is.

  • I’m fasting for the lord Jesus Christ and I’m watching Gordon Ramsay cook food cuz I’m so hungry…… Praise God the mighty father above SEND HELP 🙃

  • "It ads flavour " 😅😅😅😅 That must be sweet²

  • He loves that jam more than the monks do.

  • This is why we use GRAMS in Civilized countries. So that a tablespoon is a tablespoon for everybody (15-20g)

  • made this recipe today best french toast ever!

  • Just a Tablespoon of Charcoal to cook...

  • its eggy bread m8

  • Looks so gooooooodd! 😍😋

  • I want to box this guy fight me

  • You have inspired my cooking

  • Chef Ramsay you are a breath of fresh air. Thankk you for you

  • Wow, It's amazing.

  • You r. Nasty

  • i hear the saying "treat em like meat" is scottish does Mary Queen of Scots know anything about this? i think she has a scottish representative at the Catholic Church on Mission street, hands out food

  • Im the greg douchette comment you are looking for

  • Gordon: "It is a very sweet apple but incredibly juicy" Also Gordon: Let me coat them in a buttload of sugar

  • Funny how one tablespoon of sugar was more than a couple tablespoons of cream 😂

  • You guys are lucky to get fresh produce like that we in Malaysia dont get such fresh produce

  • I now alot of people that like you but I'm the only person who doesn't like you, are a piece of trash XD

  • Mr Gordon sir, I see that you are in Michigan or at least were. Well you see I thought that you might want to check out a restaurant in a small town in Aitkin MN. The restaurant has some pretty good morning waffles that I think are worth visiting. The restaurant is called Roadside Restaurant heading east at the stoplight. I would love to see a video of my favorite restaurant of my home town.

  • “Just a tablespoon of cocaine won’t do anything. It’s the UP after all”

  • He should fry fish in Minnesota

  • Looks sooooooo delicious 🤤

  • Gordon,you doing exactly the opposite of what you saying,table spoon of sugar? Do not leave the bread for too long,leaves the bread in the egg for eternity

  • Great chef nowine.info/dron/xi1mZvXOcFkMFbql4HWXrQ.html

  • "In France they call it french toast. God knows why..." 🤣🤣🤣🤣