Gordon's Guide To Brisket

Publisert 23. sep.. 2021
Here's a quick guide to one of America's most loved cheap cut, the Brisket plus a recipe to try.

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  • You don't need to sear brisket, sorry Gordon this is a fail, and I should know I'm 3 for 6 on oven baked brisket.

  • Idk what that is but it's not brisket!!

  • on my birthday as well

  • What does resting mean? 🤦🏻‍♂️

  • Cmon Gordon How is barbecue? No wood, no smoke , no effort. I’m hopeful that one people will know the difference

  • Bruh brisket ain’t cheap and unless it’s in a smoker I don’t want it lol

  • That poor brisket. I appreciate that he gave it a go but if he takes a trip to TX he'll see how far he has to go.

  • Now that man knows how how to professionally screw up a brisket. Kudos!

  • The angle of the video moved too much. It makes the eyes very tired trying to really watch it

  • no no no

  • Brisket isn't a cheap cut

  • I'm jealous of her

  • 0:02 That Vegan teacher Be like "WE should not be hurting animals GORDAN. U MONSTER. POOR ANIMALS THEY ARE BEING CHOPPED UP. ME BE LIKE: GORDAN IS JUST DOING HIS JOB😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • I'm interested conti

  • My favourite Ramsay show. At home, cooking with his children and educating the viewers on cooking. He's not yelling at ignorant stubborn restaurant owners in the US.

  • I wish I could eat that I love cooking and I don’t have that much skill like you but I try my best

  • I've watched so so SO much gordon videos on youtube and TV and this is the 1st time i've seen him drink beer

  • Wife: This is so delicious what oil did you use honey? Gordon: that was my urine we ran out olive oil now Wife: WHAT?!! Jack: NICE!!

  • Dammit, the Brits are eating our brisket

  • This is by far the best dish I've seen Gordon make. I love Cole slaw and brisket

  • What was the oven temperature?

  • You don’t have to from Texas or NC or any other southern state to realize that’s not the way to cook brisket. He called it an “American Classic”. No !!! Sorry Gordon….not so. This is European style….😩. Don’t call it BBQ if you cook it in the oven. Just sayin 😎

  • Why does this brisket look like it's from upper East side 🤣 where's the fat cap and and all thr inter muscular sinew and stuff. That's where the flavor is. Good cook though. Cheers.

  • I dont know what ppl have with that shitty piece of meat. I mean i am for head to tail but lets be honest. It sucks compared to other pieces. Overhyped AF.

  • My man trimmed the ENTIRE FAT CAP off that brisket. Thing was DOA after that. Joking aside, I know Ramsay has a lot of respect for American BBQ, but a smoked brisket has been done to death. There's nothing to complain about with a Beer-Braised Brisket. It's still an ideal way to use that cut. Plus in a case of braising, you wouldn't need or want that massive fat cap anyway. My only possible criticism of it is that there are other cuts of meat you can do this same prep with that would work just as well. Brisket belongs in a smoker.

  • Confirmed Gordon does child labor

  • He's so nice to his kids please thank you 😊 🙏

  • Gordon: "A super cheep cut" Inflation: "Am I a joke to you?"

  • Best chef 1000%

  • The good girl sounds fake and somehow creepy out of his mouth.🤨

  • Ojala yo pudiera aprender a cocinar asi. Mis respetos a usted Chef. Solo puedo imaginar lo arduo que es el trabajo de un Chef en la cocina. Saludos desde Argentina para usted

  • Love how Ramsay crushed all classic recipes which cook.

  • Yeah, leave the brisket the fook alone, Gordon

  • How many times are you going to drop the meat? Yes

  • Shoulda listened to your daughter and cooked it on the grill you stupid Muppet! lmao


  • No it’s not American brisket maybe British version

  • BBQ abomination.

  • Imagine him walking in on one of his children seeing them microwaving a rustlers burger 🍔 😂

  • this is the way you make brisket if you dont have a bbq this is how i do it, but i cook it at 250 for 7 hours i know southernors would hate it....but it comes out great for me thing is, gordon's way of doing it is not the best way...there are many others right here on youtube who do it better

  • Somewhere in Texas, a pitmaster is crying

  • This is not BBQ.

  • He say cheap cut?? Is it cheap in uk cause here theyre like 100 bucks

  • Gordon is so lucky to have such lovable kids , his helper is a real sweetheart

  • the hard slaw is an insult to the no teeth comunity.

  • Where is the fat on this brisket?

  • This... This is not brisket...

  • Thats pot roast. Not brisket

  • so when notifications for your videos arrive I am very happy! such a work with such dedication and humility makes me create expectations in me for the next videos to come. may God continue to bless you and your family 🙏 a big kiss from Brazil

  • This is an atrocity

  • Byooo tee ful byooo tee ful

  • Sooooooo....it's not really BBQ...it's oven-roasted. Glad you don't live in the south.

  • He talks to his daughter like a dog Good Girl

  • nowine.info/loft/opeijG_XerGuroY/video

  • Cool. I'm currently microwaving $5 premade beef strips.

  • Fuck the coleslaw and in America it would be coated in bbq sauce

  • Fino señores 🧐🍷

  • Ramsey's BBQ franchise just died before ever being a thing. 🤣 Overcooked, sad looking brisket.

    • @thewkovacs I have cooked brisket in an oven and it was never, ever, overcooked like that. Stop the BS... He overcooked the damn meat. Take the L.and move on.

    • not everyone has access to a bbq....so ya, you can cook brisket in an oven and this is pretty much how you do it

  • She is so fucking stoned

  • dont see why you couldnt do this on a grill anyway just need to sort out when to cover it up to keep some juices in at the same time giving some woody flavors from a real open fire.

  • "Whats that behind your back?" "Its nothing dad.. some of the other kids were just..." **McRib Revealed** "DAD! ITS NOT WHAT YOU THINK!!!!!!" "IN MY OWN HOUSE?!?! (HOLDING BACK GORDON TEARS) I HAVE NO DAUGGGHTERRRRRR!"

    • What junkfood did his other daughter get disowned for?

  • *Puts on best Gordon Ramsay voice*: WTF is this? Do you see how dry this is? I might as well be eating my Grandmothah's shoe leather....

  • Love you, Gordon, but 6,000,000 amateur American beef smokers are offended by you calling this an American Brisket.

  • I love this guy but please get this man an offset smoker so he can really have good brisket

  • Give me holly take my everything

  • Molasses!

  • How many texans choked on this video?

  • I really wanted to thumbs down this video because its not smoked brisket, but maaaaan that looks exquisite 👌

  • Seeing a brisket without a smoke ring hurts my heart

  • That is the most pathetically small brisket I have ever seen. I’m Texas a mob would be formed, still probably tastes great though

  • wtf kinda rub is this? looks real yellow when it should just be salt and pepper

  • Try Montréal style smoked meat. You will never want brisket any other way.

  • I’m not going to say this is bad, because I’m sure it’s delicious. But this isn’t American BBQ. This is on the rim of Atlanta Brisket, if you only had the flat and are having a meal for Passover.

  • Get Guga to make you a brisket

  • nowine.info/loft/k4ynoaqnZbelpqg/video

  • no, don't call that American brisket, please. Is this what it feels like to get culturally appropriated?

  • lmfao

  • *cries in Texan*

  • that "touch" of salt is excessive!!

  • Where's the smoke? I can't, man. I just can't. This just hurts to watch. You didn't make bbq brisket, you made a roast out of a brisket. Let's call it what it is, Gordon.

  • Look Gordon is great and all but I ain't taking advice from him when it comes to brisket 🤣😂

  • Love Gordon the man is a Legend 💪💪

  • very dry brisket. Gordon should look at some youtube videos to learn how is done.

  • what temp the oven goes ?

  • GORDON RAMSAY BAD REVIEWS nowine.info/loft/ZquLcG-rZdyJmJw/video

  • Brisket cooking temp?

  • I would love to be Gordon's son

  • Looks dry. Im from Texas we smoke brisket. That's the perfect way to serve brisket

  • Budweiser Gordon? Jeez.

  • "It's a super cheap cut." Americans: "Ummmmmmmmm...."

  • Anybody know temp for the oven?

  • That doesn't even look like brisket.

  • We don't have a gravy pot, GORDON.

  • You lost me when that Budweiser came out

  • What I’m Tarnation!Seems my fellow Texans have beat me to the punch

  • Nope

  • He said BBQ style not Texan .

  • what is the oven temperature?

  • To Gordon: Stick your head between 2 slices of bread and call yourself an idiot sandwich. This brisket is shit. To Holly: Your food looks delicious. You’ve managed to make yourself a proper brisket. Yee-Haw!! 🤠🤠 Back To Gordon: You utterly, utterly ruined an American classic. And how do you cock up coleslaw? You bloody muppet. The Carolinas, Kansas, Tennessee, and Texas To Gordon : DISGUSTING AND PATHETIC 🦅 🦅 🦅 🦅. But well done, Holly! CRACK ON!!