Gordon Ramsay Cooks the Ultimate Lobster BLT in Maine | Ramsay Around the World

Publisert 8. aug.. 2021
Run Gordon Run! While shooting at the historic Marshall Point Lighthouse where Forrest Gump was shot, Gordon is cooking up a mouthwatering Maine dish...a lobster BLT. Local bacon, local lobster, seaweed butter and an egg? It's absolute perfection

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  • Wow. That really does look like a BLT never made before. If you're still hungry after eating that good luck to you.

  • That was foul sandwich. What is this guy smoking, and how has he fallen so low? Salty sandwich with ruined lobster, yuck!!! 🤮

  • Bomb!

  • Nooooo you burned the bacon!! You doughn...sorry chef carry-on.

  • Why does he add olive oil to pretty much everything?

  • not many avacados in Maine

  • That looks disgusting!! Lobster, avacado, bacon and a huge slice of tomato? 😝 Wait. Lets add some fresh seaweed from the ocean lightly drizzled with boat fuel. Delicious. And mayonnaise. And of course a fried egg. Was Gordon tripping on LSD that day? 😂

  • Kitchen nightmares coming back ??

  • Before watching Gordon Ramsey Makes burger using ketchup and cheese Watches Gordon Ramsey It is essential that I make my burgers with pickles onions lettuce realish bacon and a dash of salt and pepper whilst the burger is cooked to perfection

  • See Gordon literally cooking.

  • I'm a big fan of the BLT but would never have imagined doing it with eggs and onion rings. I usually go with oven baked salmon for my fish choice just because it's easier to prepare. But I digress - what I see here looks incredible. Two thumbs up for you sir!

  • The foamy brow tellingly smoke because cycle hooghly rush to a sable fork. ethereal, good jute

  • Ah yes the main ingredient of the worlds simplest on the go sandwich, the bacon lettuce and tomato sandwich, THE AVACADO!

  • Looks delicious

  • Your amazing

  • That looks like the most delicious sandwich I’ve ever seen.

  • What brand in that long sleeve tshirt ?

  • pra um cara desse nivel, fazer um sanduichinho de lagosta eh pouco ein, esperava muito mais, eu faço melhor do q essa merenda ai

  • Hey what a coincidence, this is what I had for breakfast

  • It isn't a BLT so it's just a lie

  • there is a lot happening in this blt

  • amazing setting and amazing looking food. love these videos gordon!

  • I'd like to see Gordon take a bite out of the crap he makes now.. Man perception is a hell of a thing.

  • “Bacon is nice and crispy “ Well yeah it usually is when it’s turned to charcoal

  • That bread and bacon, both are burnt!! But its Gordon so its okay. But, if it was a contestant then...

  • Pleasure meeting you while you were visiting, Gordon!

  • seaweed...

  • He should have basted the butta on the bacon. Fricken donut

  • BLT-bacon lettuce tomato. Gordon's BLT. Avocado, onion, lobster, butter, butter, butter, bacon, seaweed, lettuce, lemon, tomato, egg, etc. Chillll

  • for those that have never made the trek to marshall point do so amazing in the fall when the leaves turn or in summer

  • Weird didn’t use that seaweed butter in the eggs if it really was that delicious

  • BLT's will never be the same after this. I'm not a fan of eggs, mayo, tomatoes or onion. But no matter I'll tweak for my liking.

  • Orgasmic!!!!

  • heart attack cooking... literally.

  • BE VEGAN (Note from “The Vegan Teacher”.

  • The Forest Gump at the end made my day 😅😅😅

  • Hi Gorden, love this recipe...whatbpans are you using? Quality looks great. Can you leave a link please? Thx.

  • The lemon zest in the Mayo is the trick…

  • good day! thank you for the excellent recipes! you are a high-level master! 🤩👍👍👍

  • Hello gordon . Im from mass. My mom ise to live in tompshome . Its a wonderful place.. n then Canada Cape sable .glorious n 250. To a hospital. N i had a none caught on my throat ...my dad cut my throat. N have a mark still . My dad saved me. That was scary but. I haven't gone back. Cause my grandma past away. N N covid. I kust dont TRUST anyone So why why did this happen ... god bless everyone's heart. Praying for myans daihter n f all have covid get the shot. It me had e dowm for for a month. It was awful worse then going to drs n the masks n some places do n others dont..lets not get it m a whole family Because they Well she was woth a elderly. Lady.. praying for all who have this. I lit a candle every morming for us N i heard that we are like rats n see who live n n trying to drop dead ones. That are old n who let thems go ...n blacks n why what difference is why mot just keep the children dage n do home w at home . That sounds safer...n pill semd it out better then a shot im game . Bless Arizona's n the children of the wprld . N im still asking eho n why they arent in prison ... plain up nlov Gordon god watch OVER us allll amen . Lit a candle for protection and be kind. N help one another. PRAYERS work . I know. Turn page n got one life n rember ca8mt take it with you. God watch over the wprld amen. Az PRECIOUSE

  • Literally....

  • Gordon's commentry = look at that , beautifully done

  • Gordon getting old 😮‍💨😢

  • Stop it Gordon please, I can't come anymore

  • What a rippa sanga

  • That's a LOT of butter and oil.

  • it's upsetting to know i will never taste that blt lol

  • I've died and gone to heaven!

  • Big up to the $150 sandwich

  • And also your a legend!!!

  • I see chef Ramsey on NOwine I watch here from Oceanside CA. Respect

  • Do you smoke?

  • Pretty sure Samantha Ramsdell could not fit this in her mouth.

  • It’s an incredible state I hometown in Saco makes it all the better

  • Gordon u made it to thick… u idiot

  • Brilliant 👏 genius 👏

  • I can't stand it!!!! I want to run to Maine 🤤😲👅

  • I am so fucking sad that i didn’t come to rovinj because i live in croatia and i could of come to robinj but i didn’t know that you are there so if you are going to come to croatia again maybe come to zagreb PLEASE!!.

  • That is Literally the definition of Decadence.

  • You're a hungry MF if you make that as a snack

  • Would you like some food with that melted cholesterol?

  • “Literally drizzle with the beautiful olive all”

  • How is this a BLT?

  • the comments are as good as the video itself. beautiful!

  • Lobster and bacon sandwich 👀 only idiots will follow this crap 🤮 English don’t cook anyway ... 🤣

  • He literally cooked the fuck outta that blt

  • Alright I live in Maine and need to make this. If anyone knows who sells that bacon and the seaweed butter (assuming they were locally sourced), lemme know

  • Best 5,000 calorie sandwich ever made !

  • I love how he contradicts himself in every single video hes not even famous for being a chef really hes famous for being a fucking asshole lets be real

  • Too much lobster 😂

  • Lucky cameraman. || Cheers Mate ||

  • you made fun of a burger on kitchen nightmares for being half the size of that, how can someone get their mouth around that? donkey

  • That bacon is far from cooked haha. But yeah... Crispy lol

  • Gordan Ramsay did u make another video about vegan teacher I already watch the vegan-donut one

  • dork………

  • Gordon's food is soooooo unhealthy!!!!!

  • Salt on bacon, are you mental Gordon???

  • fat on fat on fat...

  • run forest run? forest gump is georgia man

  • What's the deal with Gordon going to nice places to try and show how he's better than them. Just saying that he could try that from the comfort of his own home. No need to travel and cook things on location that are totally different than local ways. I generally like the guy but c'mon

  • The only other time I've ever heard someone say 'beautiful' that many times in 7+ minutes, was watching someone off their head on MDMA.

  • As a Mainer, I endorse this recipe! That is one of the prettiest lighthouses in Maine. Pemaquid point is better, and more historic, but great shoot!

  • Thats not bacon, thats some pork chop strips…. Lol

  • Lobster is a large sea scorpion/ bug. Putting bug meat on a BLT makes me vomit a little in my mouth.

  • You are literally living the dream, to travel and make food from local fresh ingredients. I can tell you are in such a blissful stage in life as you run across the bridge so happily.

  • you are just the best chef ever

  • If you read this Gordon, sorry do disappoint you, but I don’t like my avocado on my BLT ;-; ppl make fun of me cuz of that :(

  • #HowNotToRenderBacon

  • Seasons 1/8th of the tops of the tomatoes lol. Just a little bit of olive oil. GLUG GLUG GLUG.

  • Como me gustan sus receta y sus videos. De pesadilla en la cocina ver los grandes cambios para bien , me gustaria un dia cocinar y aprender de usted es usted un gran chef tiene mi admiracion .

  • Goren that,s not a BLT, You idiot sandwich Thats like calling a Pizza a cheese on toast

  • Amazing

  • Just once, I’d like to hear him say something was figuratively

  • My man did the forest run wit a lobster blt lol sick.

  • i just splooged

  • That is a sandwich!!!! oh my hat!!!!!!!!!!

  • That’s what you call gilding the Lilly!

  • how much do you have to gross per year to eat this sandwich?

  • Guy’s amazing.

  • why the rock music