Pomegranate Molasses Marinated Quail With Gordon Ramsay | Home Cooking FULL EPISODE

Publisert 7. sep.. 2021
Gordon Ramsay shows off his favourite Middle Eastern recipes, including Crispy filo with honeyed yoghurt, Lamb koftas and a Pomegranate molasses marinated quail.

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  • Your body has grown

  • Don't want to be pedantic but those cumin seeds look like fennel seeds 🤷‍♂️

  • Gordon's world is magical

  • poor animals

  • I love the fact that Megan inherited the habit of saying "wow"

  • As a middle eastern myself this is really nostalgic eating it as a young young child thank you Gordon for helping me unlock a memory I forgot about

  • That’s smell better than any boyfriend you ever have :))

  • “It really is a nice sort of light gamey dense chicken flavour”

  • Can you make dolma plz

  • So excited to have the chef visit Vietnam!

  • What do you think about this?? nowine.info/loft/jXiKjoSvnM6eqqA/video&ab_channel=LivingWaters ?!!

  • 🥰🥰🥰

  • Wonderful! Just a side note; "Sumac" is NOT a middle eastern spice. Yes, I insist on it! It's from the seeds of "Staghorn Sumac" (Rhus typhina) tree. You can find this tree all around the world. In Germany, for example, they call it "Essigbaum" (winegar tree). :)

  • I cant believe im actually learning small stuff from here ye im prob gonna try them out and make 'em for fun 😂

  • The video quality tho… that’s an upgrade

  • I wonder how Gordon will react when he see howtobasic…

  • wow

  • meditarrean food

  • I love it 😀 yummy 😋

  • I live in the Middle East. There is a quail hatchery by my residence. And a pomegranate patch is 2 minutes away. Hm.

  • Tilly😆

  • gordon full ramsay episode

  • Uncle gordon...can i suggest an idea..?..WHY dont you do some reaction on other ytber that cook??..just a suggestion🤣🤣🤣🥰🥰...

  • That'll smell better that any boyfriend you'll ever have, oh~god.

  • My dear Gordon, pls dont forget the healthy-side at cooking! U know what i was talking about?

  • Delicious

  • I really wanted you to react to flying kitty - “gordon ramsay has a mental breakdown”

  • filo with Parmesan cheese lol my mom can’t even pronounce Parmesan

  • nowine.info/loft/h4FuaprOntdvqnI/video

  • Gordon looks handsome when he's cooking, with his incredible skill. Cheers

  • ông cis thể làm phở ko

  • Lol he said cumin seeds

  • I hate you 🙂

  • Fan from India

  • Delicious 🌼🌼🌼

  • I can't see that title without seeing this nowine.info/loft/iKGAcauZorKOiqg/video

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  • Who needs exam when you can cook for living, he's my dream parents

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  • Imagine being Gordon’s Son/Daughter eating his cooking everyday then suddenly at your school’s cafeteria. You’ll be like, THIS IS RAW.

  • More like Olive Oil served with a side of Quail lmao. Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner...food is optional as long as everything is lubricated with all that oil its everything a growing person needs for a heart bypass lol

  • Thank you for these wonderful dishes! Its look so delicious!

  • "Vegan donut"-meat legend gordon ramsay

  • Hey Gordon, I'm not sure that your baklava recipe is correct. In Turkey when you cooking baklava you must chill the syrup before pouring it over the baklava or vice verca.

  • The music in this is great

  • 13:08 CREEPY as fuck "oh look your tummies out" then tries to touch it... Firstly it wasn't out, he was finding an excuse to touch.. FUCKING CREEP!!! Even if her "tummy" was out... she's your daughter, you don't look, you wouldn't mention it and you'd fucking NOT try touch it

  • That Vegan Teacher attacking you for killing animals but her dislikes of That Vegan Teacher are bad but your sooooooooooo good of food watch That Vegan Teacher to see what is That Vegan Teacher

  • Oh bhaiiiiii maro mujhay maro Kia Gand bana ya hai khane ka

  • Looks amazing 😀, would love to taste his food

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  • Can you Troll That Vegan teacher 🤣

  • Yummy

  • o 10 sekund za długi odcinek

  • Your Fuhrer is hungry, give me that

  • 6:45 beetroots boiled or raw?

  • I feel really sorry for the people that did not try Middle Eastern food. So nice to see Ramsay's family enjoying this ❤ 😊

  • 2:43 brush with egg wash or butter?

  • Now people will raid stores for filo and cashiers will be like " Oo wtf is going on?"

  • Hello.I from Vietnamese

  • Oh Tagine Morocco

  • NO NO NO POMEGRANATES! NO NO NO only true memers will understand this

  • You make it so easy-looking and simple to make, leaving us craving for more. Yum! Thank you chef! 🤤

  • not just a truly gr8 chef n but a better dad and a fantastic human

  • HAPPY FAMILY.. 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 💞 love you guys from indonesia 🇲🇨 🙏

  • "I've gone around with the pestle and mortar more times than you kissed boys!" - Ramsay

    • So either Ramsay doesn't have enough experience with the pestle and mortar or his daughter...has too much with kissing boys 😆

  • 12:27 if you look closely you can spot a hair on one of those quail😬

  • hey Gordon i have been watching you for a year I actually learned from you even tho I’m only 12!!! I can make chicken wings now!

  • 🔴สวัสดีชาวโลก🔴🇺🇸 08#09#2021#18.00 พีปูฝรั่งทำกินแล้วไม่อ้วน

  • I hope he visits East Africa as well. I do love his cooking and so many lessons learnt

  • Gordon may break in anger at other people but his bond with his kids and cooking is unbreakable

  • Where can I find these recipes?

  • Everything’ looks delicious, great dishes !

  • tbh im arabic and have never had any of those stuff exept for the Kofta ( meatballs basically ) and quail which is usually stuffed with spiced rice and then fried in north africa

  • H🤙ll❤️

  • Love it 😘

  • Where is the lamb sauce??

  • "Who needs exams when u can cook for a living?!" That's the inevitable!


  • I've seen quail dishes for the first time. Does it taste similar to chicken?

  • nowine.info/loft/haOia5Gancd9hX4/video

  • 12:34 I love it when Megan throws salt over her left shoulder for luck :)

    • I saw that but didn't realize it, haha thanks hah

  • "who needs exams when you can cook for a living?" oh well, time to stop reading and c o p y his recipes, not the exam.

  • Please go on sidemen sunday 😀

  • gordon please try filipino cuisine

  • Garden you're so good at what you do I love you

    • garden is the best

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  • Gordan please.... sunday roast chicken recipe? and ffs spag bowl made easy job done!

  • No pomegranates nonononono pomegranates!

  • Best ending to an episode ever. Lol.

    • Yes it is wonderful ending I would love to make tht and my channel as welcome

    • yes it was a good ending

  • Macht der bre kufte???

  • I want to cook Thai food. //From Thailand

  • Nice

  • My father's mother used to make amazing fillo pastry sheets, she was an amazing good. She was more into heavy taste dishes, she used to cook in pork fat since there was no olive oil when she was young nonetheless once olive oil became available for her to use ( they used to live in extreme poverty ) still she was brilliant. In Greece, the vast majority of pies are made with fillo pastry sheets and also many sweet treats baked in the oven, please don't start the conflict whether baklava is Greek or Turkish. She also made frumenty dishes and even her own pasta, but her specialty was in my opinion the pork stew with leeks and celery and all sort of herbs and greens and her phillo pastry pie with feta cheese and any sort of greens and herbs you can imagine, she never called spinach pie because spinach was considered a priviledge for them but the pie had dandelion, shervil, spring onions, leeks, milkweeds, swiss chard, sorrel. As for sweet dishes the one I loved was her milk pie which is basically a custard pie but there is also a variation with fillo pastry sheets as well.

    • @Flying Possum was it really necessary

    • @Flying Possum Makes no difference to me, Turkish and Greek have co-existed for so many years. Furthermore, I strongly believe food is to be made and shared with people you love and food has nothing to do with religion, nation, color etc.

    • Its Turkish*

    • finally, a good comment

    • can someone do a short version of this i kinda not want to read it all

  • I think most of the viewers are students like me ❤️ If you are student, I wish you all the best in your studies ❤️

  • I'm just a kid and

  • I'm kinda jealous of his children 🤣😹🤣😹

  • Skönt att du kör hemifrån. 😊

  • I love this man god bless you.

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  • Saludos Chef...una opinión humilde. En latinoamerica. Tiene bastantes seguidores así que mi propuesta es necesario que su página tenga..subtitulos. o, abra un canal en español..gracias Saludos desde Cancun QR