Gordon Ramsay Cooks Up a Croatian Stew in Under 15 Minutes | Ramsay Around the World

Publisert 15. aug.. 2021
Let Gordon transport you to Croatia this week as he's in beautiful Rovinj cooking up a local Seafood Stew. Inspired by the local dish Brudet, Gordon's taking all the ingredients he's caught while discovering this beautiful country....and all in under 15 minutes!

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  • "A little touch of olive oil." *proceeds to hose it down from the bottle*

  • As a croatian. I don't like this recipe. This some british type destroying croatian food. Wouldn't pay 1e for this. Just the worst

  • i wish someone would open up some sort of an artificial intelligence kitchen there

  • You wouldn’t take the shellfish out of the shells before serving?

  • How much white wine did you get in man? :D One does not simply go to Croatia and doesn't get typsy from our gemišt! (white wine + mineral water)

  • 💙🔝🇭🇷

  • I wonder if it was beautiful?!

  • Brudet is the name of this beautiful dish. Problem is, try and make it with supermarket tasteless veg and fish that didn’t come from Adriatic sea and you will never know what this dish is really like

  • By far the worst food is in Croatia. Best food is in Serbia and Macedonia.

    • haha

    • There is no food in Serbia and Macedonia. You just kill an animal and eat it.

  • Great to watch this :-) I'm the producer of the olive oil he uses in this video and was thrilled with his reaction to it when he tried it first :-) Coming from THE Chef himself, means a lot.

  • I am croatian and everyone is overrating croatia

  • Yugoslavia?

  • As a Croatian i appreciate this. I eat this a lot actually, I'm from a coastal city called Split. We refer to this dish as "brudet". :)

  • Thank you for presenting Croatian food and the country so beautifully. Deep respect and gratitude for your amazing talent, work, art, education, fun, laughs, and joy you have brought us on tv.

  • Aj pitanje za komsije, jel stvarno ovako roknete na kraju krompir salatu u brodet ili je Gordon to izmislio?

  • Croatian coast is obviously the most beautiful coast in the world but continental Croatia is seriously underrated. The combination of the two is what gives Croatia it's unique soul, it's the only mix of Slavic, balkan, mediteranian and austrian cultures on earth.

  • Ovi ne zna kuvat.

  • Beautiful

  • Proud to be a Croat... ❤️😎☺️

  • Montenegro it's ALWAYS better then Croatia A L W A Y S

    • Ma nije jednako su lijepe zemlje. Razlog zasto je dosao u Istru je zbog posebne kuhinje te najboljih tartufa na svijetu.

  • I'm convinced he is aware of the oliveol memes and is just giving us more fuel.

  • Nice 😊

  • The best lamb in the world because they eat rosemary wild basil lavanda many more

  • You never going to cook in more beautiful place on earth.

  • So, if you were in Split, maybe you'd caught something, maybe you'd not, but then, we'd go to Tommy and have Pivac smoked panceta with garlic (and those small imported plum tomatos), and then we'd smoke some smoked korčulanska domaja, with some pošip, or craft beer, and we'd had a BLAST, too!!

  • Oh what a nice place best chef Ramsy

  • It looks just for me or this video edit looks purely? wtf happend there?

  • Nek mu neko skuva čobanac

  • English people + potato with fish neverending love. I would like to try this stew without potato

  • Just about 3 mm thick.. WTF..

  • Di ste Hrvatiiiiiiiii

  • Đesi Gordone, čitaš šta?

  • Croatia is amazing

  • Thanks Gordon its soo beautiful you give me memories from home , my country.

  • Where is the lamb sauce?!

  • You should come to Bosnia

  • the best food in Croatia is prepared in the continental part of Croatia, especially Slavonia and Baranja. I would recommend Slavonski Brod, Požega, Vinkovci, Osijek, Ilok, in addition to good food, good wine is produced. The wine from Ilok is drunk by the Queen of England and her family.

  • I’m Croatian and no one eats this in Zagreb or northern part of Croatia. This is a Dalmatian cuisine

  • It's time to visit Sarajevo Bosnia mr.Gordon. Then you se what balkan food is about

  • Welcome to Croatia Gordon.

  • 👏❤️

  • 🔥👀❤

  • Fun fact: This is how its done in Istria, Rovinj. In Dalmatia, southern province, every island has its own way of doing stew and there's a lot of islands :D, some versions look similar but most of the time You can notice the difference. Shrimps are mostly used in different kind of dish called "Buzara" where they are the main ingredient. Stews are done mostly with fish instead of shrimps & shellfish, on some islands even fruit is added, red wine etc...

  • I can't find Out how many croatians to put in the stew. Please update it

  • Vecera za 5

  • Hey Gordon, olive oil is even better in Dalmacija. For me at least. It is totally different and has got nothing to do with olive oil from Istria. Like its oil made from a different thing when you compare it to Istiran. Istrian is much more bitter and has taste like meadow, Dalmatian tastes like olives :) Some people prefer Istrian some Dalmatian. You would like Dalmatian oil even more I bet.

  • Thank you for the video and thank you for promoting Croatia 🍷

  • Previše šalše dragi....

  • 🏅🇭🇷🏅🇺🇸🏅nice meal

  • Bla bla bla bla bla....

  • Traditional BRUDET, must contain several kind of fish, (skarpina, some white and some blue fish) do not use a drop of water just wine and olive oil. To cooking BRUDET do not use Woden spoon to steer!!!!! To steering just shackle a cooking pan, that fish does not stick for the pan. And BRUDET usually serve on polenta. Mix of herbs, and onion must be very fine chop. If you serve me this I will return this.

    • @Luc Kaj bi rada dušica draga, bažula sa zeljem, morti krvavice sa kiselim zeljem, ili čuću v pećnici, pa na koncu štrukle. Meni za tvoju čuću treba već kot vura da je na raženj denem im počasni obdelujem Tebi je Gordonova kujina v redu kajti je use 15 minut ili frtalj vure. Jast v Nedjelju juhicu od čuće i dosti grincajga 4 vure pri hiži delam. Nisam bogec kak ti bogica sirota.

    • Samo sam čekala Hrvate da kažu kak i kaj kuhati treba :P lol. Zanimalo bi me kak bi Zagorsku kuhinju interpretiral .

  • Thank you Ramsey for promoting Croatia 🇭🇷 ❤️

  • Thanks God im from this beautiful country 🇭🇷 (and also a (lil) chef) Kroacijo, iz duše te ljubim❣️🇭🇷🤭

  • Nice

  • Gordon Ramsay Cooks Up a Croatian ŠĆU...

  • Neka je došao u nas

  • As a Croatian, i'm so honored by this. Thank you and I salute you sir

  • Ramsey u Hrvatskoj😮

  • Hes mediocre cheff... Every grandmother even grandpa in Croatia cooks beter than him.

    • @Florijana Bućan Najbolja jela, polagano se kuhaju! 😉 I dok cekas malo sira prsuta i maslinovog ili carpacia od jakobovih, tune ili skampi uz pogacu i dobar dingac 😋😋😋😋😋 Hebes ramsaya.

    • Nemoj se zajebavat🤣 on je ovo u 15 minuta napravio, nase babe kuhaju 5 sati

  • If my grandma saw this you would be cooked under 15 min :D

  • I love it, the way he makes it is so exciting!

  • I am hungry!

  • Doktoreeee daj tanjur da probamo mi to.

  • For the people that don't know which city this is, this is Rovinj in south Istria

  • Proud to be Croatian. Thank u Gordon 💚

  • As a Bosnian this pleasantly surprises me

  • Croatia 🏝🌏📸

  • 02:48 Gordon knows its FLAT

  • Ovi pojma nima. Aj mani se kužine

  • I think Gordon is getting senile. Those potatoes are definitely raw

  • Dear mr. Ramsey you should visit also Dalmatia. This is Istria. 🙂

  • bitiful, bitiful, bitiful,...

  • Finally a moment all of us Croats waited for

  • Dobrodošli u Šibenik

  • Throwing salt on himself at 2:23 is he about to cook himself too

  • You should try to make food called cevapi. Its best belive me


  • 🇭🇷❤️💪

  • Hi! I'm from Croatia 😁 So glad you came!

  • it such a shame to use so much extra virgin olive oil to fry veggies, we don't do that, olive oil is too valuable

  • BiH Srbija sljedece godine ako moze I prije 👊👊💪

  • yeah I never seen this cooked in croatia, most of the times they just throw 2 types of fishes, a dry tuna steak and such, best cheapish food I have eaten so far was in a small pizza restaurant in Šibenik for 300HRK/50$/30£

  • Yeah, that’s gonna be a no from me. That is no way near a traditional croatian brudet

  • It is David Skoko. *pronounced like you wanna say Scones... so, Sco--ko. Again, k in the end. Beautiful Rovinj in the background.

  • Amazing guy! Nice to see you here!

  • We're all saying is f*** you

  • I'm Croatian but Ramsey has no clue what is he doing, old grandpa's cook way better

  • Kralju nisi vidio sta je morska hrana dok nisi napravio ovu emisiju 😉

  • ima detalja koji nisu dobri, ovo je vise onako za reklamu

  • Thank you for being in my country , am honored

  • Croatia is best of best!

  • you should come more often...more to see, more to taste...Thank you Gordon

  • My CROATIA lives only from 1.6 to 1.9 from tourism..than its dead..so sad devasted poor country..that is the truth

  • Gordon I have one question? Is Croatian food best in the world?

  • Great that he finally came to Croatia. We call it brudet! And it is great.💖👨‍🍳

    • Well..let say a kind of 😁

  • Gordon seasoned the sea

  • Whoever liked this video (and episode) should also watch Anthony Bourdain when he visited Croatia. A great episode and after that Bourdain himself said in interviews that it was one of the best episodes he made cause everything was as you see it, no acting, nothing staged.

  • Moj čača bolje radi

  • 0:44 venus

  • 0:44 venus