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5:47Gordon Ramsay's Beachside Steak Sandwich
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  • ah another fine content for uncle roger to react

  • Uncle Roger will probably react to this

  • too litlle salt prolly tasted like emptiness

  • Egg noodles are vegetarian?

  • If I'm a bird I would like to sit on your window and atleast it would help me grasp some good cooking skills because it is rare to see someone expert in different cultures .. proud to be your subscriber.

  • Hey buddy, you forgot your other egg in the water.

  • Hi im Korean Baking NOwiner😊 thank you for sharing this great video💛

  • That looks AMAZING 👏❤️

  • I'm Vietnamese . I'm your big fan . So..... Do you want visit Vietnam one more time ???

  • The boiled egg is incredible. Learn something here

  • no doubt that they smell onions in a sweating summer!!!

  • I know it taste 👅 good 👍

  • Looks Delicious 😋

  • A great bowl of noodles is like a religious experience! Can I get a *Ramen?*

  • Uncle Roger's next video

  • I love Gordon, but telling people to blow on the eggs??? If it's yours then ok, but once you start to put that into practice, it'll become a hard habit to break, soThen you'll end up doing that to other people's eggs and that's just unsanitary. All you need to do is to take a spoon and beat the eggs all the way around. Top and bottom too. Just beat it until the whole thing is cracked and then peal. Comes right off.

  • Hm i can have this and buy 70% of the ingredients I don't have or buy the $1.09 Ramen made in 3 mins... I think we all know where this is going

  • Pathetic. I can boil ramen in 3 minutes

  • Hello old man Mr.Grodon .😁

  • Do one none vegetarian

  • It's amazing how passionate Gordon still is about food, even the simplest things. This is what makes a master of a craft. Both the food and the person are inspirational !

  • Why do I have none of these ingredients but the pasta, I am clearly not a chef

  • Cant wait for unclerogger to make a video about this

  • Love to you Gordon ♡

  • As asian I 😶

  • Poor Oscar man. Isn't he like 2 years old?

  • I could probably make this by the time NOwine's ads end.

  • I can smell Uncle Roger weejio now 🤣

  • vegetarian...? egg noodles...? no no no

  • I love chef ramsay I'm big fan your cooking style I'm like your recipes

  • And I thought I was fancy for putting eggs and green onion in my top ramen packs

  • At the 3:30 remaining announcement, I started yelling internally, "THE EGGS HAVE BEEN IN 6 MINUTES!!!! TAKE THEM OUT!! TAKE THEM OUT!!"

  • " we have three boys trapped inside cat bodies " Somebody forgot to tell them they were broadcasted on a TV show for millions to see and question their sanity

  • Enjoying GR's daughter on Dancing With the Stars. She is adorable.


  • Uncle roger has entered the chat 😂

  • You lost me at vegetarian

  • What happens with the other egg?

  • This doesnt really look good. Looks like a bunch of leftover veggie cuttings boiled in stock. The chunks of onion were way too big and tofu is just the nastiest flavorless mush

  • I will never understand this tips bs! It's a rip off!

  • its RAW!

  • gordon ramsay: *makes ramen video* uncle roger: *ITS A FREE REAL ESTATE*

  • I want it only a low carb/keto version!

  • HI Gordon It's uncle rodger here.......

  • Am I the only one who doesnt cry when cutting an onion?

  • And literally was literally the most used word. Literally.

  • Omg thank you for the vegetarian recipes ,so easy nd easily available ingredients can make at home🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳

  • Tag uncle Roger now

  • Ehmmm... I am not very impressed...

  • Who else thought Gordon would make fresh ramen

  • Omg oh fuck me!!!!!!

  • Gordon: makes ten minute ramen. Uncle Roger: so you have chosen death.

  • So Jamie

  • I would watch Gordon make mud! He’s hot af!! 😍

  • Gordon to his waiter: "Excuse me, but has this glass of water been seasoned?"

  • First

  • rump AKA the ass

  • You just lost you Uncle status with Uncle Roger. Not that you care do you Gordon?

  • One of the few Gordon videos where the comments are so negatively divided 🤣

  • Yeah because uni students definitely have shittake mushrooms and seaweed lying about rather than a packet of super noodles 😂

  • It only takes 10 minutes to have a delicious and nutritious steak sandwich. Thank you for sharing, always follow you waiting for the next videos

  • nice video but you NEVER boil miso - it destroys all its health benefits! incorporate the miso at the completion of the dish when it is simmering - sorry Gordon but you need to watch a Japanese cook or two - other than that love your videos!

  • Ramen is one of the best things in the world!! Yes I love Gordan Ramsey and im vegetarian so this is perfect!

  • I watch you Gordon from Romania ❤❤❤👍 i love ramen stay safe

  • yes yes yess! that was amazinggg!

  • Wtf Ramen with these ingredients looks shit

  • I basically start with a half and half chicken stock and water. Then make home made spicier semi- ponzu. 2 eggs boiled Ponzu spice to add with broth near end when resting in bowl before serving: Lemon or lime Plum sake ( prefer Choya) Rice vinegar Honey Cayenne pepper Red pepper flake Black pepper Soy Sesame seeds or oil (optional) Add on for goodness: Mushroom (shiitake if you have it) Green onion Fish cakes Cheese if you’re feeling it Agin it’s a bit more spicy but personally that’s my jam.

  • Is Gordon's dog doing the camera work? That's the lowest shot I've ever seen on a cooking show.

  • But anyway, who get ramen today is the luckiest person (y)

  • This ramen so white when Gordon plated it in that white pan, I thought the whole thing just disappeared

  • my face when you have to spend £20 on the ingredients.... appreciate the method but not many people have the seaweed or a jar of miso or pickled ginger just knocking about... plus a whole crew of people prepping....

  • He says damn a lot…bye

  • This eggs overcooked

  • Uncle Roger can't get it in vegie =)))

  • Good work and very nice video and good job

  • always gotta level up instant ramen!

  • "speed cums"

  • I love how it sounds like your the commentary-track of a porno:) pure passion

  • 😂 haha have you seen this yet 😂 😯 hilarious nowine.info/loft/r4BncYmpd7OymqA/video